Coffee, Breakfast, and maybe a little Brunch or Lunch

Coffee, Breakfast, and maybe a little Brunch or Lunch

Local openings, closings, new things, old things; anything that is on my radar will be listed here. So here goes:

I.  Sofra

Oleana has a new baby: Sofra.  Oleana is an amazing restaurant in Inman Square.  The food is incredible and the garden is fabulous.  They even have some inside/outside seating, heat lamps and blankets for those chilly fall evenings when you can’t resist being outside.  The other plus is that the garden has just enough interest to distract a small child if necessary. Finally, I love that you can relax and savor a long slow meal here.  There is no sense of urgency it’s a place where a good meal is respected (for some this may be a negative- but only a deprived few I hope). It makes family dining a bit tricky, but it’s worth it.

See…I’m already sidetracked. Sofra is the new baby.  Sofra is a bakery and café that is located just past Star Market where Mt. Auburn Street meets Belmont Street on the Cambridge/Belmont/Watertown line. Next time you’re getting groceries at Star, park the car at the grocery store…take a walk down to Sofra to get yourself and the children a delicious treat and then get the groceries done.

To read more about Sofra just google them and you’ll find some great blog write-ups and photographs.

II. Breakfast at Starbucks

Let me begin by saying that when I can, I’d rather get my coffee from a local venue.  My favorite haunts are:  Formaggio Kitchen, Hi Rise Bakery, Iggy’s Bakery, Zing at the Porter Square Bookstore and every once in a while Quebrada Baking Co, or 1369 Coffee House.

Starbucks is between our house and my daughter’s school.  They have good seating as well as good dancing music for 2 year olds.  Today, I asked Henry if he wanted to go home (which meant walking to Formaggio-my first choice) or to get madeleines at Starbucks and he said “No go home.  Starbuck mama.”  So I gave in with really no fight at all and got myself a coffee at Starbucks and bought his madeleines.  Why I left this decision up to my two year old I can only blame on lack of sleep and coffee. Coffee at Starbucks…this is bump-worth?!  No, but food that doesn’t taste like cupcakes with a sugar overdose is.

I’m sure this never happens to you; I neglected to get breakfast for myself in the morning rush.  Starbucks is my first choice of corporate coffee venues, but for food they’ve been at the bottom of my list…well actually off the list until recently.  A couple of weeks ago my mom tried the multigrain roll plain.  I was still a skeptic, but the other day I had one plain and then this week with strawberry jam.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The multigrain roll is a good basic choice.  Today, however, I had the berry stella, which is delicious.  It also happens to be one of the healthiest on the menu (according to the manager at the Fresh Pond Starbucks).  I don’t think I would go out of my way to get breakfast food at Starbucks, but now at least I have options.  For nutritional information you have to go to the Starbucks website.  The berry stella isn’t on their website yet.  I just hope that it sticks around for a while.

Bon appetit. ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie).

For more info: Sofra-
Hi Rise-208 Concord Ave Cambridge (617) 876-8766
Iggy’s Bread-

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