Confessions:  BFF Dines on Nachos and Store Bought Cookies

Confessions: BFF Dines on Nachos and Store Bought Cookies

Yes, it’s true.  My brother has been here for two days and my parents have been here for two hours and as much as we love one another we have to divide and conquer before we’re stuck together for meal after meal in the next two days.  Uncle J is going to the much talked about restaurant The Helmand with a friend from his high school days at the Walnut Hill School.  I made reservations for my parents at Chez Henri (one of our old neighbourhood favorites).

I’m focused on the menu.  Today I did the groceries at Russo’s.  I’m going to the Davis Square Farmer’s Markettomorrow for their last day.  I need to restock my great farm garlic supply.  I made the bacon herb butter for the turkey this morning.  My mom with a little assistance from me made the apple cider gravy base this afternoon.

I made the kids the old standby chicken with apple slices, tomato slices for Isabelle and sent them to bed.

I still have to re-read my recipes since I forgot to buy green beans today and I’m not sure if my sage in the garden is ornamental or edible, so I’ll be heading back to the store after the market for any missing ingredients.

So all I want is to not cook dinner. We thought about bagel and eggs, but I just threw some nachos on a plate with some salsa and a little grated cheese, threw it in the microwave and that’s dinner.  I might indulge in an after dinner drink.  Dan is on pie crust duty tonight (I absolve myself from all pastry and pastry-like cooking) and he’s toasting himself a bagel.

So yes, it’s true…the Boston Family Foodie is having microwaved nachos for dinner.

Bon appetit. ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

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