Kendall Square Ice Rink:  All You Need is Hot Cocoa

Kendall Square Ice Rink: All You Need is Hot Cocoa

The perfect winter day for me requires three main ingredients:

  1. snow
  2. an outdoor activity
  3. hot chocolate

Well the snow has made a few appearances.  As my daughter says, “Jack Frost was here!”.  We have finally unearthed all the winter hats, scarves, mittens and under layers.

There is not enough snow for great skiing, but surprisingly you can (x-country at the Weston track).  There are, however, some nice skating rinks open.  The outdoor rink at the Charles Hotel is open.  TheKendall Square rink will be opening on Wednesday, December 10th.  They will have an opening ceremony and performance on Saturday.  If you are not a fan of the ice, then a winter walk is always nice.

Hot chocolate is great.  Hot chocolate after playing outside in the cold winter air is even better.  If you ask my kids, hot chocolate with marshmallows on top is the best.

I think the best hot chocolate in the area is the one they serve at L.A. Burdicks.  It reminds me of the hot chocolate I had once in Italy as a child that I have never forgotten.  At home, we like to make Ovaltine.  It is what I grew up with and it’s supposed to have lots of vitamins and minerals.  I haven’t checked the label lately to verify that though.  For some more opinions about where to get your hot chocolate in the area you can read The Beantown Blogger’s review and this thread in Chowhound.

For the marshmallows, there are always the Kraft mini marshmallows.  Those are my personal non-foodie favourite.  My mom and kids love the marshmallows from Trader Joe’s.  My foodie favourite are the marshmallows from Formaggio Kitchen.  They come in a long rectangular shape and have subtle flavours:  raspberry, lemon, and several more.  They are over by the cookie display in a basket on the floor if you’re looking for them.

Bon appetit. ttyl your BFF(Boston Family Foodie)

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