Start the Year Off With a Little Help From "Your Friends"

Start the Year Off With a Little Help From "Your Friends"

Perhaps you’re planning to organize your kitchen cabinets this year.  Maybe, you want to start your children’s scrapbooks this year.  You might be commiting yourself to a weekly workout at the gym with a personal trainer this year.  Whatever your plans are, you might need to take some time from somewhere to put it towards something new.

For a little help with this, maybe you can start getting some groceries delivered to your door.  I am starting off the new year with a nice bi-monthly delivery from Boston Organics.  This is a service we used when my daughter was quite young, but it didn’t quite have what we wanted.  Now that our CSA is done and Boston Organics has added more to their “menu” of delivery items, we’re excited to be back with them.  I can’t wait to open my first green box.  I wonder if my daughter will remember emptying them with me when she was only a year old.

I wrote about several delivery options in the past and here is a review of what those options are.  The only one that may not be useful until next spring is In Season (since we’re out of season at the moment).  I definitely recommend visiting the site and getting on their email list so you will have the details once they start up again.  So enjoy a little less time shopping for groceries and a little more time on something new.  Here are some of your options:

  1. Grocery Store Delivery
  2. Boston Organics
  3. In Season

Bon appetit.  ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

Here’s to having time for the new you in the new year!

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