Crescent Ridge Dairy:  Knocking on the Milk Door

Crescent Ridge Dairy: Knocking on the Milk Door

I’ve never been a milk drinker and we just were not brought up drinking milk.  That’s not to say that we are a “no dairy” family.  We have milk in the fridge that we use primarily for cereal, cooking, and coffee.

There was one time when I remember drinking milk.  When my family was staying in a te in France and across the way was a dairy farm.  My brother and I would cross the street with our milk jugs and bring home the milk straight from the farm.

Some of you may be old enough to remember seeing a milk door, but for those of you who haven’t seen one it’s a little door on the side of the house where milk was traditionally delivered.

In England, when I did a year of University in Lancaster, milk is still delivered.  You can get up early in the dorm and open your door and you’ll see little bottles of milk and occasionally orange juice lined up neatly in front of the doors of those who ordered milk.

If you are interested in having milk delivered you can: Milk door not required.  Crescent Ridge Dairy will deliver hormone-free milk.  They will also deliver a variety of other dairy products and groceries from coffee cake to ice melt.  Although their milk is not organic you can order Horizon’s organic milk for delivery.  The delivery areas are far and wide.

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