The Hottest Food Trend of 2009:  Part II

The Hottest Food Trend of 2009: Part II

Where else can you forage for this hot and plentiful food trend of 2009?  Perhaps you are thinking about having a little cheese.   Then again, maybe some wine and cheese would be better.  If that doesn’t fit in with your New Year’s resolution, then forget the cheese and have just one small cocktail.  Here are the online destinations that will help you.  You can even head toThe Boston Shaker, in town, if you need a couple tangible supplies.
This has been set up by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing board, but it’s a cute concept and it can get you started with cheese and wine pairings.  Their selection of cheeses is a bit limited given what they are trying to sell, but the way in which it is presented is creative and well presented.  Once you get an idea of which cheeses go with which drinks, then you can make associations with similar cheeses.  You can also link to sites such as or my old favourites to see their sommelier section.
On you can keep your finger on the pulse of your wine cellar and match a greater variety of both wines and cheeses.  If you are serious about your wine or are serious about learning more about wine then this would be a great resource.  The same holds true for your cheeses.  It isn’t easy to keep up with all the artisanal cheeses within the United States let alone the rest of the world (and by this I pretty much mean France, Spain, Switzerland, England and Canada -I can’t help adding England and Canada given my heritage).
Food and wine pairing is a quiet, relaxing place to stop and learn a little about pairing not just cheese and wine, but food and wine (hence the name).  It’s a fun site to use and it isn’t overloaded with too much information.  In addition, there are no advertisments popping in, dropping down or written into the site.  They let you know which foods pair well with a large variety of wines and also which foods to avoid with certain wines.  If you’re having a dinner party or want to bring a bottle of wine and a cheese as a hostess gift this would be a great stop before you shop.
Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails (LUPEC) was founded in Pittsburgh and the LUPEC Boston is, in their words, “a classic cocktail society dedicated to breeding, raising, and releasing nearly extinct drinks into the wild (a.k.a. Boston-area bars and restaurants.)”   Having gone to university in Montreal, a great party city with a reasonable drinking age, I’ve always enjoyed a good club and a good drink out with friends.  If I wasn’t at an irish pub, then I was either dancing at the club with friends or I was at the Jello Bar playing pool or helping my mom choose her first martini (I believe we “borrowed” the martini menu long term and that she chose the coffee infused martini.)  In Boston some of my most memorable classic and nouveau cocktails have been at Craigie on Main (nouveau – Joie Vert),  Cuchi Cuchi ( classic- French 75) and Chez Henri  (almost classic – Periodista).

A vôtre santé. ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

Coming up next, the match.coms, Facebooks, Boston Ski and Sports Clubs of the food world.

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