Valentine's Day:  May Your Flowers Bloom Not Your Chocolate

Valentine's Day: May Your Flowers Bloom Not Your Chocolate

For this season of celebrating the things you love, there has to be mention of flowers and chocolate.  I am more a fan of flowers than chocolate.  There is something magical they do for me.  There is nothing better than having fresh flowers on a table or in the bedroom on a dresser or bedside table.  I do like chocolate, but I’m much more a fan of candy and chocolate candy bars than the “real deal” chocolate.

The theme today is blooming.

You want your flowers to bloom when you get home not just in the flower shop.  So I recommend buying flowers that may not look perfect in the flower shop.  Also, ask the florist for recommendations.  I was surprised to learn that some flowers should be put in hot/warm water in their vase.  Finally, for a special bouquet, bring a vessel from home and have the florist make the arrangement for you.

You don’t want your chocolate to bloom.  Bloom is harmless to the chocolate but it takes away the appeal.  Bloom is a harmless white dusting over the chocolate that makes it look like it has gone bad.  It has not.  Most often, bloom happens because the chocolate has been refrigerated.  If you have chocolate that has bloomed, then I recommend using it for chocolate fondue or some other recipe that requires the chocolate to melt.  You can also cut it into little chunks for chocolate chip cookies or to sprinkle over ice cream.

Bon appettit. ttyl your BFF (Boston Family Foodie)

For more info: Chocolate Fondue (Rachel Ray)

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