Redefining the Glitterati

I know, I know, the time change is only one hour, but there’s something about it that throws us all off. We try to start dinner early but stay up a bit later and do some extra active night time activities to get the kids asleep on time, but somehow one is passed out early and the other is way too awake to even get into bed.  Isabelle tends to be the one to pass out early and to be fair she was sick the entire daylights savings weekend.  Henry is the night owl of the two and he was just not going to bed.

We had a late dinner, did the walk around the block with daddy, a “night night” game of marble track and then it was off to bed.  After a valiant effort, daddy came downstairs saying “Henry wants a little ‘nuggle before he goes to sleep.”  I go up give him a hug and kiss and head back downstairs.  A few short seconds later I hear “Mommy, you didn’t ‘nuggle a little bit.”.  What he really wants is for me to lie next to him so he can play with my hair until he falls asleep.  “I’ll be there in a minute.” I say, as I continue looking on craigslist, freecycle, and for a keyboard for Isabelle to practice piano on.   A few seconds later it is quiet and I continue my frustrating search for a good but inexpensive keyboard.  “I guess he’s asleep.”  I comment to my husband.

It turns out sleep wasn’t really what was going on.  The problem with the convenient assumption that my darling son had drifted off into dreamland is that just a few steps away, in the guest room was my life time supply of glitter that I bought when Pearl in Central Square closed down.  Henry decided that it was a great idea to just dump out the glitter quietly since he had nothing better to do.  Mr. Sandman was not on the premises by my little gliterati was.

So I scolded him and told him that it was a really bad idea to do what he had done and scooted his glittered little jammied self into bed.  He was exhausted, it was late, the thrill of doing something totally impish, and getting mommy to come back up and put him to bed was all too much.  So, slightly dusted in glitter, into bed he scooted.   He grabbed a few strands of my hair and in an instant dozed off.

In the morning, Henry was up first and as we clomped down the stairs he says, “Mommy my eye hurts.”   I respond “You probably have glitter in your eye.  Let me see.”  Sure enough a little blue square of glitter sat right in the corner of his eye by the bridge of his cute little nose.  “That’s what you get for dumping out all the glitter.” I thought to myself.  And another day began.


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