Boston Brunchers:  Farm Brunch in the City

Boston Brunchers: Farm Brunch in the City

The Boston Brunchers have been on my radar for a while now.  As a freelance writer, who writes primarily about food, I follow a lot of local bloggers and am a member of various blogging groups and receive regular updates from freelance writing groups as well.  I am also, by nature, a person who likes to be connected to local events and activities.  I am a member of  everything from the Arlington Parents List to the Urban Homesteaders League.

As the parent of two young children, being someone who is active in the school and community as a whole, married to a husband who travels quite a bit and is currently training for an Ironman, I don’t attend quite as many meetings, outings, and events as perhaps the average group member.  When I read a recent article about The Boston Brunchers and heard that their next brunch involved The Farm School, I really wanted to get involved.

The article was less than stellar on so many levels, but it compelled me to get out to an event and see for myself what a Boston Brunchers event was really like and get to know who the brunchers are.  Despite the fact that I’m a freelance writer who primarily blogs and writes for online media, I tend to go to more press events than blogger events and from what I’ve read about Boston Brunchers their “meet ups” only have one common thread – brunch.  Some are hosted by a restaurant or company and others are not.

In the hopes of getting to know more about how it all works, I signed up to follow the Boston Brunchers blog so that I would get regular updates.  Shortly thereafter, an email about The Farm School brunch came to my inbox.  I have been a fan of the Farm School for many years now as a teacher and as a home cook (buying their garlic at Formaggio – don’t go looking for it..they don’t carry it any more & veggies at the farmer’s market.).  This was the brunch for me!

Brunchers are randomly chosen and, like many blog contests or raffles, are asked to look at a website, learn something about the restaurant or organization, and comment.  I was chosen to attend The Farm School Brunch.  I promptly charged my camera, awaited news as to location, blocked it off in my calendar and was ready to go.

The Farm School Brunch:  City Folks & Orange Yolks

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