Reflections on a birthday

Reflections on a birthday

So today is my birthday and it’s nice to get the calls, the cards, and the facebook wall wishes, but I think about what is so often said, “Do you feel any different?”  The good news is that you don’t have to wait a year to feel different on one day.  The other good news is that I do feel different many moments of many days.

Nothing like a good workout.

A great workout makes me feel different.

Tour de France. The finish in Paris.

Traveling and fond memories with friends makes me feel different. (Oh yeah and seeing how young we all looked then does too!)

Watching our friendships grow into family.

Welcoming good friends to the family and just enjoying the company makes me feel different.

Wellfleet, MA

Spending time with the family, bickering, giggling, storytelling and all makes me feel different.

M3 Brunch.

A really good meal with great company makes me feel different.




Milestones, my own, my friends’ my children’s and my family’s make me feel different.

Bill Koch Ski Team

Guiding my kids and watching them take on new challenges and accomplish goals makes me feel different (whether they’re their own or mine for them.)

Determined to paint it just right.

Laughter makes me feel different.

Deep conversations with my nephew Max.

Philosophizing with my nephew, cousins, friends, family, and community makes me feel different.

Cooking and competing.

Cooking and a healthy dose of competition make me feel different.

Lace project and classes at Gather Here.

Creating, learning, and working on a project make me feel different.

Matching bling…an important bonding moment.

Special moments, more often caught off camera, between siblings make me feel different.

Letting go.

Letting go and seeing what happens (even if there might be a rough landing at the end.) Makes me feel different.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes…and here’s to celebrating the little moments every day.


  1. Great, great post. I especially love your ending: “Letting go and seeing what happens (even if there might be a rough landing at the end.) Makes me feel different.” This really resonates with me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and Happy Birthday!

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