Vegetarian Thanksgiving: The Omnivore's Appeal

Vegetarian Thanksgiving: The Omnivore's Appeal

I have been vegetarian for broke, no income college student reasons but also because meat is not high on my must haves list. Truthfully, I am perfectly satisfied with a rotating menu that includes vegetables, breads, mollusks, fish, fruit and liver. The rest of meat I can do without.

When it comes to vegetarianism I understand that each person has a reason for their choice and that’s fine. What I’ve never really understood is the need for vegetarians ( not all but many) to eat ‘faux’ meat.

With that food for thought, I’d like to save the vegetarian Thanksgiving tables of Somerville, Brooklyn, Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, California, etc. by setting free all the faux turkeys and pointing out that really the sides make the meal and an amazing vegetarian feast can be had where omnivores and vegetarians can dine contentedly elbow to elbow on the same dishes.

I use ‘ no chicken’ broth for my stuffing and substitute olive oil for butter (Vegan bonus points here!) there are mashed potatoes (butter and cream in one version, garlic and olive oil in the other), green beans, roasted sweet potatoes, carrots with a whiskey glaze, roasted brussel sprouts, and occasionally even a vegetarian gravy. No one is going hungry here.

Vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore enjoy your feast this Thanksgiving. And if you’re craving a little vegetarian gravy you can pick some up at Sofra.


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