Something Different in Davis:  M3

Something Different in Davis: M3

Davis Square is a great place to eat and drink and it just keeps getting better.  There are all the great standbys like Diesel Café, Redbones BBQ, J.P. Licks, Diva Indian Bistro, Anna’s Taqueria and the like.  There are also quite a few newcomers and I have had the chance to try a few.  Each spot has at least one thing that makes my mouth water and have created a compulsion to return.  So let’s start with brunch and lunch at M3. (Please note that, much to my chagrin, M3 is no longer open for lunch.)

Let me begin by saying, that I don’t know Southern Food at all, but I do know good food and food I like.  M3 is the place you go for a taste of the South, and some incredible comfort foods, house made pickles, and food made by people who love what they do (you can really taste it in the food!)

On a cold day, I dream about the shrimp and grits.  Every day, I could snack on their house pickles.  I have not had a side that I don’t love.  Brunch gets busy so plan to go on Saturday when its a bit quieter, or go early on the weekend.

My first visit to M3 was as a guest with the Boston Brunchers and I enjoyed it so much that I have since returned several times for lunch.  I have yet to stop in for dinner, but its definitely on my “to do” list for 2013.

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