Infusion Diabolique:  Cocktails vs. Straight Up

Infusion Diabolique: Cocktails vs. Straight Up

If you’re not likely to drink anything straight up on the rocks, then you might surprise yourself with Infusion Diabolique’s infused tequila and bourbon.  They can definitely stand alone.  On the other hand, they also make a great cocktail.  Here’s what we sampled last night at the MidWinter Revels.

Photo Courtesy of Infusion Diabolique
Photo Courtesy of Infusion Diabolique

Infusion Diabolique Mixto:  This is a silver tequila imported from Mexico and infused with Hawaiian pineapple, whole Persian limes, peppermint, and cardamom. 100% of the sugar is extracted from the pineapple during the infusion process, imparting a delicious sweetness complemented by a citrus, peppery finish.

Infusion Diabolique Kentucky:  This is a four year-old bourbon from Kentucky, infused with whole black mission figs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks and our blend of herbs and spices. 100% of the sugar in the infusion is extracted from the fruit during the infusion process imparting a soft sweetness to contrast with the slightly spicy finish.

If you want to try them in a cocktail, here you go:

Diabolique Kentucky Sour

5 parts Infusion Diabolique Kentucky
1 part fresh squeezed organic lemon juice.
Pour over ice

Diabolique Mixto Double Pineapple

3 parts Infusion Diabolique Mixto
1 part organic pineapple juice
1/2 part fresh squeezed organic liMe juice.
Pour over ice

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