Special Delivery: Look what the stork… I mean fork brought in.

It’s a….brisket. This is a whole beef brisket and with some sugar and spice and everything nice it should become some tasty corned beef in just under a week.

baby brisket

I have cut this beautiful brisket from M.F. Dulock into two pieces so I can experiment a bit with spices in the brine and also make one nitrite free.

I stopped in to pick up the pink curing salt (not to be confused with pink Himalayan salt) at Christina’s in Inman Square this morning. Since I got there a bit early I headed to 1369 Coffeeshop for a nice hot cup of coffee and a delicious carrot muffin.

Now the meat is in the fridge as I figure out my brines. My strict, follow the recipe version is Michael Rhulman’s.  I’m also looking into a nitrite free recipe because I want to experiment a little, but the recipe I like needs whey and I have no way to get whey by tomorrow so we shall see…


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