Father's Day: No Crumbs in the Bed

It turns out that dad is not that into breakfast in bed. In fact I’m our family, the idea totally repulses him. My children’s father is fully dressed before he leaves the bedroom and a bit fastidious about his morning routine. The idea of having breakfast in pajamas of any sort with the potential chance of crumbs in the bed is totally horrifying.

I know not every dad is so and if your dad or the father of your children enjoys bacon and eggs in bed, then go for it! If not, ditch the breakfast in bed and give dad something he can really dig his teeth into.

Formaggio Kitchen’s BBQ is a weekly treat but for Father’s Day they’ve paired up with Taza for something beyond!


Formaggio will have their regular BBQ on Huron Ave. but will also be over at 11:00-2:30 over at 561 Windsor Ave. in Somerville.


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