Fall Fashion: My favourite stores to clothe the kids

Fall Fashion: My favourite stores to clothe the kids

As a kid, I remember always loving the end of summer and beginning of fall. Maybe that makes me a bit of a nerd but in fact, I think it had very little to do with school. ‘Back to school’ meant new clothes, even if was just opening up the box of hand me downs from my babysitter who lived next door. I loved the flannels and corduroys of fall, the plaids, the leather shoes, the wool skirts and when I got older the September issue of first Sassy, then Seventeen, then Vogue.


As a parent, I still love fashion and clothing but my focus is on the kids because nothing fits me anymore and plus, they constantly need a new wardrobe as they outgrow the season before. I am always looking for something a little different: More colour and tailoring in the boys clothes, less camo and skulls. Less trash and sass in the girls’ department and as always our -no walking billboard for a brand, tv show or company rule.

So where do we shop? Some of my latest favourite a are: J Crew, Naartjie, RUUM, Brothers, Next Direct and Mini Boden.

The Next Direct catalogue just arrived and here is what I love. To get $10 off your order head to www.nextdirect.com and use coupon code: 8601430731










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