Mother of Invention: From Toast to Tide

Mother of Invention: From Toast to Tide

We still say, ‘This is the best thing since sliced bread!’ Mostly when I say that or hear someone say it we are actually never referring to something life changing. Our lives are full of life-changing, perhaps not in a fabulous, dramatic way, but nonetheless life changing products and inventions.

The obvious life changers are Google, smartphones, and the soda stream…. or that awesome new refrigerator that has a seltzer maker built into the door!

Okay so maybe that last one is specific to our family but the fact that we don’t have to recycle dozens of plastic bottles a year is so exciting!

Take a minute, driving to school, at the dinner table, in the grocery store, and think out loud with the kids about the modern inventions in your life that you truly appreciate. It is a great discussion to have and a fun way to get children thinking about how things come to be. Plus it is way easier to answer than my son’s latest query, ‘How did the first person come to be?’

From that conversation you can discuss different skill sets people have and need to do a variety of jobs. And if you’re really good tie it back in to school subjects as well.

As for me, one invention that seems so little and inconsequential are these portable stain removers. I’d love to say they are great to keep kids clothes stain free, but I ‘ve been using these way before children! My car
and my purse are not well stocked without them.


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