Architecture of a Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich (Recipe)

Architecture of a Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich (Recipe)


Thanksgiving sandwich.  The real reason everyone sticks around after Thanksgiving. 


The leftovers are in the fridge. A the turkey has been prepared the way you wanted. The cranberry sauce is a family favorite from the can or from a well worn scrap of paper with its hand written recipe. The individual components at all ready and made. So why bother with a recipe? It’s all about the architecture. The components need to be layered correctly for the perfect sandwich.

1-Bread: Un-toasted, fresh bread is best so it is soft and gently holds the thanksgiving filling. I use Hi Rise ‘s potato bread or their corn bread for a sandwich with an extra but of crunch and flavour from the corn.

2-The next layer is cranberry. A thin coating of cranberry sauce provides a ‘waterproof’ barrier so that the gravy doesn’t seep through. If your sauce it liquidy, strain out the liquid (save it for cocktails) and use the cranberries.

3-Next, you add slices of the turkey. The turkey should be cold or room temperature.

Next heat the stuffing and gravy. I add stock to the stuffing so that it does not dry out when heated and so it’s extra moist.

4-Then, drizzle the gravy over the turkey. Enough to cover the turkey but not drench it.

5-Lastly, quickly top with stuffing which can absorb any extra gravy before adding the last slice of bread.

Cut it in half. Send it out to the most peckish, anxiously awaiting family member and then make the next one. They can be done in an assembly line fashion as well just knew sure the gravy and stuffing stay warm.

Gobble gobble!

bon appetit

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