From Sweet to Sour: Vinegar Fridays (Giveaway)

The sweet S’more Cookbook giveaway has just ended and now we’re on to the next!

As you may have noticed, I am a vinegar lover.  I use it in the kitchen more often than anywhere else, but I’ve been using it on windows and floors as well.  Of course I like it best of all in my pickles, and my salad dressing, but I’m willing to go beyond that.  I have a giant container of white vinegar under my sink, but I forget to reach for it when I’m cleaning.

I used to be good about using it for the windows, but then lost track of it all and just went for the stuff off the cleaning shelf.  This past fall, I learned how to make a fabulous scrub with baking soda and Dr. Bronner’s castile soap with Kristi Marsh, author of Little Changes: Tales of a Reluctant Home Eco-Momics Pioneer.  It is my favourite scrub for sinks and stoves.

Then, I got the opportunity to review (and now give away) a copy of Vinegar Fridays.  What I love about the book is:

  1. It’s skinny.  I know that sounds strange, but I’m a tired, overwhelmed mom, and I like to read for pleasure.  It’s hard enough to find time to escape in a book, let alone pick up a book that’s about cleaning and more.
  2. It has simple recipes.  This is what I really love it for.  You can bookmark or highlight all the little recipes for cough medicine, window cleaner, and even stew.
  3. It isn’t preachy.  You learn about some of the chemicals that are in the other products you might have on your shelf, but its not overly scientific nor preachy.  It just helps put things in perspective.
  4. It’s funny.  There are little snippets and short tales from this “green grandma” that bring the whole book together.
  5. It’s the perfect gift.  It’s small, it’s useful, and it is the perfect gift.  It’s not for everyone!  Not everyone wants a book about “the vinegar life”, but I know plenty of new moms, old moms, eco-conscious friends, who would love this as a gift.  (Starting my list now.)

Enter to win a copy of Vinegar Fridays and a jar of my favourite scrub!

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