Join The Club: Meet Me at Hopster's

May I have this dance...  I mean brew?
May I have this dance… I mean brew?

One thing that we don’t do nearly enough is go out with our friends.  We are all too busy somehow.  Newcomer, Hopster’s Brew and Boards will take care of that with their 99 Club.

Photo by, Nina Gallant
Photo by, Nina Gallant

Every 3 months, you will gather with friends (the more the merrier) and up to a total of 20 other local beer crafters to make and taste beer.  The cost is $99 per quarter.  You gather to make the beer and then two weeks later you’ll gather again to bottle, sample, share recipes and take it home.  I suggest you swap a few bottles before to make it a mixed pack. Other perks of the club are that you get 15% off on merchandise, 10% off ingredients, 15% food discount and free bottling and custom labels.  It’s not just making beer, it’s a whole experience.  Just like going to Napa isn’t just buying wine, going to Hopster’s Brew and Boards isn’t just making beer.

Gorgeous boards at Hopster's Beer and Boards.  Photo Credit: Nina Gallant
Gorgeous boards at Hopster’s Beer and Boards. Photo Credit: Nina Gallant


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