Embracing Danny Meyer

This week my daughter had a dentist appointment, and as much as we love our pediatric dentist, it ‘s never a fun visit. So, after a morning of drilling and filling, I let my daughter choose where to go for lunch.

She chose Shake Shack, and I was happy to go there with her because the new one in Harvard Square was on my ‘to try’ list. The new fries are in the menu… no more mushy, frozen zig zag fries. Even more exciting, the special concretes (ice cream smoosh-in) are made with the South End Buttery’s red velvet cupcakes.


What I liked the best though, was how Isabelle described the burgers when she was telling me why she liked Shake Shack burgers. “It’s like fast food but with better meat. The patties are thin and rough around the edges.”

The lunch rush made it a bit tricky to find a seat, but just as our good was ready a table opened up so we were lucky.

So that was part one of embracing Danny Meyer. Part two was taking the Union Square Café cookbook out if the library a and making these reverse chocolate chip cookies for our Super Bowl party.


They are a new favourite!


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