Commonwealth Restaurant Cambridge: Marky Mark and the Funky Brunch

Commonwealth Restaurant Cambridge: Marky Mark and the Funky Brunch


I’ve been waiting to visit Chef Nookie Postal’s Commonwealth for a while now, but our schedules kept getting in the way. Finally, this Sunday was the day. Our first order of business were the $1 oysters which are served from 11:00 am to 7 pm on Sundays.

I love the space. It’s got a lot of different rooms and areas including the ‘market’ / deli area and a few ‘loungy’ seating areas. We had a short wait and were able to get drinks for the impatient children in the market.

My picky little eater was totally happy with his favourite Iggy’s bread. The waitress brought a baguette over from the market section for us.

I started with a nicely spicy and perfectly balanced Bloody Mary made with a bit of beef stock.

My husband loves his salads and is a glutton for Honeycrisp apples. This one was a perfect brunch choice for him with the promise of some of my daughter’s 18 Wheeler plate.

My friend Megin from Labels Are For Jars and I shared the chicken and biscuit which purportedly comes with a gym membership but probably should come with a coupon for the local cardiac specialist. It was delicious but much too big even to share. I’d say they could probably have served it with one less biscuit and the world will continue spinning. It was delicious. The chicken was tasty and had a nice crust. The crunch was gone as it was soaked in the delectable smooth, rich gravy, but I suppose it’s like matzoh balls: some like it crisp others like it smothered. Well, for matzoh balls it would be dense vs. light and fluffy.

We also shared the chilaquiles. I can’t tell if it’s because we shared them and loved them so much that it left us wanting more or if relative to the chicken and biscuits it felt small. I could go back today for another plate of those chilaquiles. They were nicely spiced not too hot or too mild but full of flavour. The beans were cooked well not disintegrating on your tongue nor left with any crunch of an undercooked bean. The dollops of sour cream and avocado brought it all together and last but not least, the fried eggs on top declared that you are indeed indulging in brunch.

When it came to the additional treats for the table, it was a hard choice between the Ginormous Cinnamon Bun (by the way it has bacon in it) and the Churros with chocolate sauce and dulce de leche.

As you can see the Churros won. They were amazingly light. The chocolate sauce was spoon-worthy (once the Churros are gone you must continue eating the sauce by spoon). I’m a bit of a dulce de leche snob after my friend Deanna and I made anise seed, sriracha, and plain dulce de leche this summer for the cookie takedown so I found the caramel sauce a bit odd in texture and not especially memorable in taste but it was tasty and I went back for a second dip.

Cheers to a great brunch. It was a very reasonable price with generous main courses between $10-$15 and shareable additional treats for $7-8. Drinks are $11 unless you go for the mimosa priced at a fab $5

I didn’t make the kids wait for a photo this time so I don’t have one of the impressive 18 Wheeler, but it was a huge hit with 3 eggs, duck fat home fries, pastram, an English muffin and bacon. The apple pie jam for the table was a huge hit too. You can buy it in the Comonwealth market or if you ‘re over in Waltham at Moody’s Deli (I believe).
Parking in the area is a but tricky. There are many lots but street parking is not too easy to find. In a perfect world there would be a deal on weekends for $5 lot parking, but easy or not it’s worth finding a way to get a seat at the Commonwealth table.


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