Marmite vs. Vegemite

Dad and I did a breakfast taste test. Vegemite was new for us. It was milder, and a bit less sticky. It has malt extract vs. Marmite’s vegetable extract. We both prefer Marmite which has a bit more bitterness, punch, dimension and almost vinegary taste. We thought Vegemite might be a good intro to the world of ‘mites as it is more mellow.

How to eat Marmite:
1). Don’t.
Just kidding – that is many people’s reaction but I have always enjoyed it.

1) Toast a slice of good bread.
2) Generously butter the toast while still warm.
3) Dip the tip of a butter knife about 3 cm. into the pot of Marmite and take a small ‘curl’ (except it won’t curl really as butter would) of Marmite out and spread over butter.
4) Bite into the warm, crunchy, buttery, salty, umami goodness.
5) Repeat.


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