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The EA Social Suite at Blogger Bash brought in the big wigs.  Well not exactly wigs although Cover Girl was there with their #instaGLAM collection.   So no wigs but there was a smokin’ hot… bear.

I have to admit I am terrified of fires and have always had a bit of a character crush on Smokey The Bear.  The bear himself was at the EA Social Suite celebrating his 70th birthday.  Even if you couldn’t mingle with Smokey yourself, you can wish Smokey a happy birthday here.

We love our accessories in this house and at EA Social Suite I was introduced to Joseph Nogucci and their semi precious bracelets.  Any jeweler that designs a bracelet featuring the Trebek mustache has some clout in my book.  From playful to philosophical these bracelets have something to say.

Also featured were the AutoTex Pink windshield wipers.  They not only raise money for breast cancer research, but – pink windshield wipers!  I really want pink windshield wipers because that’s so much fun!  Not so much to do with pink, and more to do with colorful and fun, I had a premonition that my daughter might want to be a car mechanic one day.    She’s always so curious about the car.  We were just talking about oil changes the other day.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if by the time she gets her license she’ll be changing the oil in all our cars.  Actually, for myself I’m more of a blue person so I’d love blue ones, but I think the rest of my family my veto any colorful wipers.

Here is Isabelle checking and filling the tires.  It's the first step isn't it?
Here is Isabelle checking and filling the tires. It’s the first step isn’t it?

And keeping on the topic of cars, I am intrigued to learn more about Washdrops which were also featured at EA Social Suite.  Whenever I clean my car I’m hyper conscious of the products I’m using and I’m never quite sure which ones are really okay for the environment.  I’m definitely going to look into Washdrops.

What really caught my eye because it doesn’t matter what age you are, you never outgrow playing ball or playing with bubbles.  The Wubble Ball takes the joy and magic of both and merges them.  I think it will definitely make its way into our play repertoire very soon!

Thanks Element Associates for EA Suite!



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