Beware the Frozen Heart: Frozen The Songs (Giveaway)

I am sitting at my dining room table, the kids are off to school, and spinning in my cd player is Frozen: The Songs.  It has been a little while since the free-for-all summer days when we had the cd playing every day, on every car trip, and blasting in the living room so we could dance in the kitchen.  Taking time after school, to listen to a some music is a great way to unwind before settling in to do homework.  If you’ve got a student who needs a little help unwinding a new CD could be the perfect little treat.  I’ve always loved soundtracks.  I didn’t grow up watching too many kids movies (my dad thought movies of the opera The Magic Flute trumped anything else especially anything that was even close to a musical).  Despite this, I grew up loving all things musical.

I love the movies and always have.  This I got from both my parents.  A movie is brief though, and I always want to hold on to the experience of each story.  The best way to do that has been to buy the soundtrack of course.  For some movies the soundtrack has the majority of the story’s narrative.  Other soundtracks just set a mood and take you on a journey bringing back emotions and snippets of the story.

This soundtrack takes you from the opening scenes with Frozen Heart through the playful and melancholy Do You Want to Build a Snowman? and of course has both versions of Let it Go (Idina Menzel’s and Demi Lovato’s). 

Frozen: The Songs which will be released on September 30th was sent to me for review.  The albums is available for pre-order on CD and vinyl.  I am also giving away two copies of the CD here.  The CD is also available in Spanish Frozen Canciones de Una Aventura Congelada.

The CD includes 10 songs, the cover artwork can be opened up into a full size or mini poster and includes the lyrics to all the songs.

I received a copy of the soundtrack as a member of Entertainment New Media Network. All opinions are my own. 



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