The Return of the Bow Tie:  Alton Brown at hook+ALBERT

The Return of the Bow Tie: Alton Brown at hook+ALBERT

If you live in Cambridge, anywhere near Harvard University it may seem that the bow tie never went away.  The bow tie is always present at black tie affairs, but until recently it was a rare sighting outside formal affairs. The bow tie is a signature accessory for many Harvard University folks but as we found out, it is definitely not a requirement to know how to tie one if you attend the university.  Perhaps it is the metrosexual movement or perhaps it is just that rules are shifting and changing, but whatever the reason, I am loving the return of the bow tie.

We found this kind gentleman who was willing and able to show us how to tie a bow tie in the middle of Harvard Yard.
We found this kind gentleman who was willing and able to show us how to tie a bow tie in the middle of Harvard Yard.

In my family, the men appreciate their accessories almost as much as the women.  My father, a former professor and current researcher chooses the cravat as his preferred accessory.  My husband is a fan of the tie, cuff links and occasional pocket square.  My son, seems to be choosing the bow tie.  We like to dress up for celebrations and a few years ago my son had a major meltdown because the shoes I bought him were not fancy enough for Christmas.  Last year, he asked for a jacket and bow tie to wear for Christmas.  I also recall, after we had been invited to a Diwali party that he inquired whether I had a tux he could wear when he saw my daughter and I struggling to figure out how to put on our beautiful borrowed saris with the help of Pinterest guides and YouTube videos.

Alton Brown hook+ALBERT bow ties
As you can see, we haven’t quite perfected the knot, but we’ll get there in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is the Alton Brown at hook + ALBERT Midnight in Perry.

I was sent a bow tie for review, and what I love about the Alton Brown hook+ALBERT beyond the fabulous design names (mostly food related) are the fabrics they chose.  They are really nice, soft, fabrics, with a mix of materials from wool and silks to microfiber poly blends.  The patterns are playful yet the bow ties remain stylish.  If anyone is going to create a flawless line of bow ties it would have to be Alton Brown.  The bowties are made by and sold at hook +ALBERT and are made in a variety of styles: batwing, slim, and diamond.

  • Midnight in Perry – Batwing, navy and gray reversible plaid (SOLD OUT)
  • Roma Marinara – Batwing, orange solid with reversible moss florals
  • Old Fashion – Slim, maroon polka dot with neutral polka dot backing
  • Picnic in the Park – Diamond, olive gingham & reversible navy florals
  • I Meant Julep – Diamond, light blue chambray and light blue paisley
  • Sweet and Sour – Batwing, magenta solid with reversible navy plaid (SOLD OUT)

The pocket square are $45 and are cotton or silk.

  • Hail Caesar Salad – Silk blend square with floral detailing
  • Farm to Market – Brown, grass green and light blue plaid mix
  • Blueberry Compote – Matching set to the Midnight in Perry bow tie (SOLD OUT)

This is a perfect pairing of the food science, bow tie loving Alton Brown and the fashionable hook+Albert is as magical as a glass of Port with a sliver of gorgonzola.

The Alton Brown x hook + ALBERT collection is available at

And once you choose the perfect bow tie, here is a great guide for how to tie it.


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