Gift Guide: The Gift of Health & Beauty
Nourish Your Soul - The gift of feeling good.

Gift Guide: The Gift of Health & Beauty

It is true that for the holidays (or let’s face it any time) no one wants a gym membership or a gift basket of aluminum-free deodorant because it might be interpreted the wrong way.  On the other hand, so many people have too much stuff they don’t really need or use, so gifts that help people feel and look their best isn’t such a bad idea.  As with any gift, think about the person first and then match the gift to them.  Here are a few of my top ideas for those who will appreciate a little extra tlc in their lives.

gift of health nourish

Juicy Gifts

I know many who have tried juice cleanses and in my mind I pictures some of my close friends and colleagues being slightly off their rocker sipping one big glass of cucumber juice a day while stumbling through their day for weeks on end.  I recently, stopped in to Nourish Your Soul in Medford to educate myself and replace my cartoonish image of juice cleanse with something a little more realistic.

Nourish Your Soul - The gift of feeling good.
Nourish Your Soul – The gift of feeling good.

The most important things I learned is that the cleanse is only three days.  Three days is doable right?  Then, I learned that you are drinking 5 hardy, healthy, tasty carefully chosen juices throughout the day.  Lastly, I learned that you have choices.  You can choose a few options for each drink.  And, most importantly I learned that I really like most of the juices.

For your friend who has mentioned trying a juice cleanse, or maybe they just started a new healthy living lifestyle, Nourish Your Soul is a great option.  Get a gift certificate for those who might just want to pop in and enjoy a smoothie, or try out some juices, and leave the option of the juice cleanse up to them or treat them to a gift package.  Nourish Your Soul is located in Medford and Fort Point in Boston.  Juices are made fresh at each location.  Juices can also be picked up at various yoga and barre studios or delivered to you directly.

The ultimate Nourish Your Soul Holiday Gift Package ($250) includes 3 cold pressed juices, a one on one 45 minute yoga session and a 45 minute health consultation with Nourish Your Soul founder Susan Cabana.  Susan is down to earth, passionate, and an understanding wellness advocate.  She is Prana certified and a graduate of NYC’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She is a teacher and guide and not a preachy health “dictator” which I think is so important especially for someone new to the world of juices and cleanses.  Nourish Your Soul juices are cold-pressed, 100% raw and have no additives or stabilizers (and they’re really tasty!).  To purchase this package or a gift card call 1-888-99-JUICE, go online or I recommend stopping in to try a drink yourself and picking up a gift card in person.

Hanging out at dusk at Community Ice Skating @Kendall.
Hanging out at dusk at Community Ice Skating @Kendall.

This year, rather than giving a lot of “stuff” I’m giving my family more experiences and outings.  We’re all so busy that more than the things that clutter our home, we appreciate the times we spend together.  This weekend, Community Skating @ Kendall opens and Mother Juice has a winter menu to enjoy before or after skating.  There is : Almond Milk Hot Chocolate steamed almond milk, cinnamon, date syrup, raw cacao ($4), MoJu Cider warm apple cider with secret spices ($3), Cold Brew Maple Coffee cold-brew coffee made with drink.maple water and served with almond milk ice cubes ($4).  Edible treats include: Cacao Caramel Delights raw cacao, cashews, almond butter, dates, coconut oil ($3), Ants & Ladybugs on a Log celery topped with almond butter & raisins and sun butter & dried cranberries ($4), Banana-Butter Toast sun butter, banana and honey on Udi’s gluten-free toast ($4), Avocado Toast sliced avocado smushed onto Udi’s gluten-free toast with baby tomatoes & sea salt ($4), Nutella & Banana Toast on Udi’s gluten-free toast ($4), MoJu PB&J sun butter & local jam on Udi’s gluten-free whole wheat bread ($4), Chia Seed Pudding coconut water and coconut milk, topped with granola, fresh fruit, and local jam ($5.95), Overnight Oats rolled oats, almond milk, banana, and dates, topped with sun butter, fresh fruits, and granola ($5.95), Gluten-free Oatmeal same as the overnight oats, served warm ($5.95), Forbidden Rice Bowl black rice, red & yellow bell peppers, cashews, green onion & cilantro, tamari-lime dressing ($8.95)

Rock On

Rock climbing is a fab family activity, and with the explosion of rock gyms in the area, there is a gym for everyone.  Central Rock Gym just opened a new location at Smith Place in Cambridge.  Metro Rock Boston has plenty of climbing but also has Parkour classes for children and adults.  Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville has family programming, fitness classes, and family hours.

R & R & R: Relax, renew, rejuvinate

room beach plum spa

When you feel beautiful and relaxed the day always goes more smoothly.  You don’t need a week at the spa either.  From spa days and massage to having just the right special products to use at home, even the little moments of r&r helps.

I love to get a massage, but I can’t go as often as I’d like because of time and money.  For  massage I like to go to Bella Santé in Wellesley or Lexington and Sollievo in Cambridge.  One of the best massages I have had was several years ago at the Beach Plum Sap during a getaway at  nearby John Carver Inn in Plymouth.  A massage followed by a relaxation bath is the ultimate luxury.  The Beach Plum Spa even has a kids corner with real treatments designed just for children.  I also have friends who swear by a soak and massage at Inman Oasis.  When you find a massage therapist you love, the gift they give your body is hard to measure in value, but the cost of a regular massage isn’t always feasible.  If you know someone who could benefit from regular massages, then a membership to Massage Envy is a great option because the price is reasonable and they have locations just about anywhere.


evo for Hair

I recently tried evo (It was sent to me as a sample -as always all opinons are my own.)  and I love it.  I love the light sweet scent and it makes my hair feel fabulous.  I tried the Calm series but they have something for each type of hair.  In addition, I love that all damaged evo stock is given to homeless shelters, the packaging is 100% recyclable and the formulations are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free and evo is not tested on animals.

evo is available at the following local salons or online:

Davis Hairdressing
26 Lincoln Street
Newton Highlands, MA  02461
(617) 244-9626

25 Temple Place
Boston, MA  02111
(857) 233-2363


  1. I love your list!! I like doing 3 day juice cleanses every couple of months and I’m already thinking about ordering one up for after the holidays. All I ever want for a gift is an experience — this year on my birthday we flew out to Italy and I was more than happy to spend my birthday in the airport!

  2. You have given me many ideas for gifts for my wife this Christmas. Thanks.

  3. Love these ideas…though to be honest I’d give my right arm for a membership to Healthworks. WHY are they so darn expensive?!!! We also love love Community Skating at Kendall – they play great music and it’s in a great hidden-ish location which makes it more fun!! Afterwards we stop by ArtBar – looking forward to those days again soon!

    • I used to go there bur parking was a nightmare and it was expensive- now I go to Evolve which was pretty cheap when i signed up.

  4. I love Bella Sante! And a 3 day cleanse might be manageable – other than that, no way!

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