Mother's Day Trip: A Day Out with Mom

Mother's Day Trip: A Day Out with Mom

Statue at Tower Hill Botanic Gardens in Boylston, MA
Statue at Tower Hill Botanic Gardens in Boylston, MA
The beauty of day trips is that you end up at home, in your own bed, which if you’re lucky means your children will spend the night in their own beds as well.  Of course, if sleep habits are all amuck then go ahead spend the night away. For those of you who prefer to stay closer to home for a Mother’s Day outing here are X day trips for family fun with mom. These day trips are no more than two hours away.

Away in Wellesley

Wellesley?!  Really Wellesley?! I know, I know, but give me a second to explain.  So, Wellesley isn’t exactly a destination usually, but it can be.  Here is how it works.  There’s a pretty good chance that mom likes at least a couple of these things: shopping, dining, spa, art, books, spa, and spa.  Wellesley works really well as a mother’s day destination thanks to Linden Square.  Plus, if you need to multitask (I always try to) then you can update the kids’ spring wardrobe while you’re over there too.  So here’s the plan.  You start in Wellesley with a family activity:  a visit to the Wellesley College Botanic Gardens, the gardens at Elms Bank, take a quick stroll through the Davis Museum and Cultural Center will take you from Rembrandt to Warhol and back again, or even exploring a new playground with a good cup of coffee might be just the thing.  Now comes the pièce de resistance… no I didn’t say the piece of resistance! After your morning outing, either before or after lunch depending on how early you family heads out the door, treat mom to an hour or so at Bella Santé. While mom is being pampered, the kids can be taken for some spring shopping at Kenzie Kids or for haircuts at Rooster’s.  If that’s not your thing, then take the kids to the main library in Wellesley.  It is open until from 1-5 on Sundays.  Or, there is Glow Mini Golf in Linden Square. Belkin Farm is another great stop and on Mother’s Day mom gets in free with a paid admission.

For lunch, consider Blue Ginger (Ming Tsai’s original restaurant), The Cottage (They have a great kids’ menu and serve fresh, light fare.), Captain Marden’s Seafood (I always feel like I’m at a little local place on the cape in here.), or take out sandwiches for a picnic from Linden Store Deli (a family favourite of ours).


Lincoln & Concord Calling

In Lincoln and Concord, you can get in touch with your country mouse self. Drumlin farm is a great destination with the whole family.  The kids (as in goats) and lambs are all finding their feet and it’s a joy to watch.  In Concord, you can get arty in the ceramic painting studio or just chill out with a snuggle and a book in the fabulous reading nook at Barefoot Books.  AKA, DeCordova

Salem Willows

Salem Willows is a little time capsule experience traveling back to childhood at the boardwalk with retro pinball machines, old school video games, and classic kiddie rides.  There is a tiny patch of sandy beach, a little pizza shop and ice cream made on site. There is a large grassy area to run and play and picnic tables as well.  It can get quite windy there so if it is a windy day at home expect non-picnic worthy winds at Salem Willows and have a plan B.  If you go on Saturday, end the day on a sweet note (by 5 as they close at 5 pm) with a trip to Harbor Sweets where you can see into the chocolate factory, sample treats and bring home some of their iconic sloops which are almond butter crunch toffees chocolate-dipped sailboats.


If you’ve done the lilacs at the Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain and you’ve seen the daffodils at Tower Hill Botanical Garden, you don’t actually have to go far to take a walk and see beautiful blooming buds because Cambridge is in bloom.  Grab brunch at family-centric Full Moon and then stroll over to the fountain at the intersection of Craigie St., Sparks St. and  Brattle St.  continue zig zagging through the neighborhood or walk along Brattle and see the historic houses.  Stroll through Harvard Yard and grab lunch in Harvard Square. Even better, step away from the hustle and bustle of Harvard Square and head to The Art of Craft on Satuday, May 9th, where you can park, shop the artisan’s market and dine on delicious food.

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