Posto Mobile Pizza Food Truck: Come for the Pizza and Keep the Sauce

Posto Mobile Pizza Food Truck: Come for the Pizza and Keep the Sauce

Wood fire stove on Posto Mobile's truck.
Wood fire stove on Posto Mobile’s truck. Photo by: Leah Klein

Pizza really is the best fast food available.  The problem is that it isn’t always fast and it isn’t always made from the best ingredients.  If you can find a place that makes it well, they have the right ingredients and the right equipment. In the Boston area (Boston’s South End, Cambridge, Somerville), we have a few family favorites.  Our local pizza of choice is Armando’s in Cambridge. My son gets the cheese pizza and my husband and I like that too or we’ll throw on some spinach and eggplant.  My daughter prefers their Sicilian slice which has a nice spongy crust and garlic flavour.  Then there’s the pizza bowling pizza, which is “so juicy” according to Henry.  Flatbread Pizza at Sacco Bowl in Somerville is one of his favorites because of the garlic oil drizzled over it. My daughter and I are regulars at PICCO because I loved the charred crust and we are both addicted to their Caesar salad. Another pizza I really enjoyed was Posto‘s pizza, but we don’t get to Davis Square that often.  Recently, though Henry and I were invited to track down Posto Mobile, Posto’s, food truck and I’ve been chasing it down like a pup chasing a mail truck ever since.

One size really does fit all because even if you can’t finish it all for lunch, leftover pizza never goes to waste.  Posto also has salads and some pretty amazing dessert if you save a little room.

Posto Mobile is primarily pizza, but they always have a salad, drinks (of course), and dessert that is worth saving room for.  There is one more little thing that you absolutely must get…but I’ll get to that in a minute.


Part of what I love about the Posto pizza is that the dough is thin, but the crust has a nice, soft chewiness to it, as a crust really should have.

I love a good Hawaiian pizza and this one had pineapple and prosciutto on it. All you need with the sweet of the pineapple and the salt of the prosciutto is a little heat. Just wait until you taste it! Don’t forget to ask for this little “secret” ingredient.
The crust has a nice char, but not so much that it isn’t appealing to my little traditional pizza eater. It gives just a hint of smokiness to the pizza.
Henry enjoying his Pizza Margherita on the grass over by MGH. There is a parking lot on site if you don’t take the T so you can pop in and pick up a few pizzas without spending too much time or money. If you’re strolling on Charles Street on a Thursday, a little side trip here is definitely the way to go for lunch.



And now that for that secret ingredient!  Posto has a little bit of liquid gold that you absolutely must ask for.


Their chili oil comes in a small, ready-to-go container and is perfect for drizzling over your pizza to add a little extra spice and smokiness.  The oil is not so hot that it takes away from the flavor of the pizza and the extra smokiness is a great surprise.


If you’ve got extra crust, give it a little dunk in the oil for a perfect finishing bite.

Posto Mobile can be found from 11:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. on these days at these locations:

Tuesday – Innovation & Design Center

Wednesday – High Street/ Rowes Wharf Plaza (High St. & Atlantic Ave) on Greenway

Thursday – West End (Blossom Street at Emerson Place behind Mass General Hospital)

Friday – High Street/ Rowes Wharf Plaza (High St. & Atlantic Ave) on Greenway

As noted above, I was a guest of Posto Mobile, but all opinions and subsequent Posto Mobile cravings are my own.

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