The Porches Inn: North Adams

The Porches Inn: North Adams

North Adams is an interesting little spot in Western MA.  We like to go there in the Fall for a little hike, a little art, and a little r & r.  We also love going there in the Winter for some outdoor winter swimming, some small beans family resort downhill skiing and a little art and r &r.

This pretty much sums up our trips to the Porches Inn at Mass MoCA.  Winter boots and flip flops.  The Inn is so fabulous any time of year though.  We just really like swimming outside in New England in the Fall and Winter.
The Porches Inn is pretty perfect.  The outdoor pool, the design of the place is wonderful.  The long porch out front with rocking chairs are so inviting especially in the warmer months.  The sitting room is a great place to linger by the fire, strike up a conversation with fellow travelers or to play a game among friends new and old.

A round of Blokus by the fire at the Porches Inn.
Breakfast in the dining room is nice, but breakfast in bed is pretty cool too especially because it comes delivered in an “old school” metal lunch box.


I have to admit that my family prefers exploring at the beach, in the woods, around cities and towns but getting them into a museum is not always easy.  Right across from the Porches Inn is Mass MoCA, one of the few museums that we all appreciate.  Their exhibits are many and varied so there is always something that strikes a chord with each one of us.

Swimming mid-winter at the Porches Inn at Mass MoCA
The highlight of our trip is always the pool and hot tub.  After a swim, we’ll head out to the museum or back to the rooms for a little reading and relaxation.  We always choose a movie or two at the front desk, and they’ll make us popcorn to bring back to the room too.  If the weather is right, a little stroll up to the bonfire to make s’mores (they provide s’mores kits too) is a perfect sweet treat after a day of skiing or hiking nearby.

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