Five Ways to Go Above and Beyond the Pumpkin Spice Latte: National Coffee Day Upgrade

Five Ways to Go Above and Beyond the Pumpkin Spice Latte: National Coffee Day Upgrade

Okay, so my headline is misleading. I admit it.  Only two of these are coffee drinks but I wanted to throw one in for the tea-lovers too.  Yes, you noticed the other two don’t even have pumpkin anything.  Let’s face it a good pumpkin jam (yes I said jam) latté is worth all the hype but really, how much pumpkin anything does one need in one’s life. So here they are: two ways to upgrade your PSL fix, one tea that hits the pumpkin spice spot, and a couple of coffee cocktails because coffee and a cocktail in one is all that and a bale of hay.

The Pumpkin Jam Latté, Sofra (Cambridge, MA)

If you open my pantry you will find a jar of Sofra’s pumpkin jam stashed away in there all year round. It is sweet, smooth, and perfectly spiced.  I love it on toast, on pancakes and when I stop in at Sofra Bakery & Café in Cambridge, I like it in my coffee.  The Sofra pumpkin jam latté must be experienced at least once every fall. NB It is pretty delicious so even former PSL naysayers may become addicted.

Affogato with Autumn Spice Ice Cream, Rancatore’s  (Lexington, MA)

Put on your flannel shirt, your chunky boots, and your favourite fall scarf and strut into Ranc’s ice cream shop for a true taste of New England fall in a cup.  Order the affogato with Autumn Spice ice cream and you will get a generous scoop of the Autumn Spice ice cream topped with a rich Barissmo espresso and then let the two together, hot coffee and creamy cool ice cream, work their magic.

Pumpkin Chai with Pumpkin Agave David’s Tea (Multiple locations – Harvard Square Opening Friday, Sept. 30th)

Upgrade your chai tea by getting a Pumpkin Chai tea at David’s Tea.  You can have it steeped as a latté or as a tea.  Then to boost the quintessential “fall” factor, have it slightly sweetened with a little pumpkin agave.  If you can’t make it to a store, then turn your kitchen into a tea house and order everything you need online.

Affogato with House Made Coffee Whiskey, Kirkland Tap & Trotter (Cambridge, MA)

Affogato at Rancatore’s on a busy weekday afternoon is a great pick me up.  At the end of a long week though,what you really want is a spiked affogato after a tasty Kirkland Tap & Trotter meal.  KT&T has a delicious brunch and Sunday-Thursday 5:30-6:30 kids eat free (and the kids’ food here is amazing). While kids enjoy their dessert you can enjoy an affogato which is served with a shot of KT&T’s coffee whiskey.

The Revolver, Sycamore (Newton)

Another cocktail to consider this national coffee day is Sycamore’s revolver which is made with cold brew coffee, espresso liqueuer and mole bitters. Now that sounds killer!

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