Boo-tique Chocolates for your Squad

Boo-tique Chocolates for your Squad

I don’t know what happened but recently the parenthood novelty of being able to sneak chocolate out of the Halloween stash has lost its luster.  I mean the thrill of the hunt is still pretty awesome, but the actual chocolate tastes like wax to me.  I guess I’ve been spoiled with some pretty fabulous chocolates over the recent years because the chocolate bar in Boston has been raised with chocolatiers new and old. Phillips Chocolate sent me a few of their newest treats to sample and photograph so I could share my thoughts.

Caramel Apple coated in chocolate.  A wicked witch is best enjoyed hat first.  These are just a few of the Halloween themed chocolates available at Phillips Chocolate. 

Phillips Chocolate is definitely not new, but they know how to bring back all the old favourites and keep us returning for new treats too.

This Halloween, Phillips Chocolate has these stunningly spooky witches.  There are also witches hats, which are a tasty hat made out of a waffle cone coated in milk, dark or white chocolate, then drizzled with more chocolate and the brim is decorated with candy corn.

Phillips chocolate has perfected the candy apple.  With just the right amount of caramel and chocolate you can taste it all and slicing off wedges is the perfect way to share this, although you may just want to keep it for yourself. 

My favourite treat though, is the caramel apple coated in chocolate.  It takes caramel apples to a whole new level!  The apples are not crazy and over the top, they are just right.  You can taste the crisp fresh apple, the quality of the chocolate stands out and the caramel is just the right texture and thickness.

Halloween is a great time to surprise a neighbour (I hear it’s a thing in the suburbs to Boo your neighbors with a little Halloween package of goodies).  Treat a friend who needs a little pick me up with a chocolate pumpkin or make a Halloween bouquet of chocolate pops for someone who may need a reminder of how much you appreciate them.

I highly recommend browsing the Phillips Chocolate website or stopping by the shop if you are in the Boston area.  It is a perfect little fall outing for the family.  Maybe you can even convince your kids to “trade up” their bag of Halloween candy for one or two treats from Phillips Chocolate.  I know my kids would in a heartbeat.


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