Tartines, Toast, Open-Faced Sandwiches: Pesach Bites

Tartines, Toast, Open-Faced Sandwiches: Pesach Bites

Something simple but out of the ordinary can be truly special with just a little creativity and thought.  If you will be crunching on Matzoh for the week to come, here are some tartines to consider.

Cantaloupe, Feta & Mint

Ingredients: cantaloupe, feta, mint, a tiny squeeze of lime juice, honey, pinch of salt, matzoh

Peanut Butter Honey Banana

As a kid, after hiking at the Elora Gorge, I always used to get a peanut butter, banana and homey sandwich.  It’s a great breakfast or lunch for kids and grown-ups alike. Hate bananas? Substitute raisins, apple slices or just stick with honey.

Ingredients: peanut butter, banana, honey, matzoh

Not a Pop Tart

Chocolate and candy coated fennel.  It is more sophisticated version of the birthday-cake-everything trend. The candy-coated fennel can often be found in Indian grocery stores. These were bought at Arax Market in Watertown.

Ingredients: chocolate spread (Nutella, or this non-dairy dark chocolate version from Le Pain Quotidien are what we use), candy-coated fennel or sprinkles, matzoh

Apple Cinnamon Nut Butter

If you have charoset leftover from the seder you can just use that, we rarely have any left so freshly grated apple is just fine too.

Ingredients: nut butter (88 Acres has some new locally made nut-free butters), grated apple, a pinch of cinnamon, matzoh

The Classic Avocado

You can spice this up by adding salsa, hot peppers and sliced tomatoes or be a purist and just do avocado with some nice kosher salt.

Ingredients: avocado, Kosher salt or Maldon salt, olive oil, matzoh

Spring Asparagus, Ricotta & Lemon Zest

Roasted asparagus is one of my favourite spring treats.  In a hot oven @ 450 degrees Farenheit drizzle a little olive oil and roll the trimmed asparagus on the tray to coat.  In 10-12 minutes they will be done. Then, sprinkle with salt.

Ingredients: asparagus, ricotta, lemon zest, salt, matzoh

Everything on A Matzoh

I love caraway seeds and that’s my go to savoury sprinkle.  I like it on quark especially, but cream cheese, ricotta, cloumage, goat cheese or just good butter work too.  My friend Kim brought me this Everything but the Bagel seasoning and its delicious too!

Ingredients: soft cheese (ricotta, cream cheese, quark, cloumage, goat cheese), caraway seeds, everything bagel seasoning, or any of your favourite spices, matzoh

Matzoh with Lox

Thinly sliced red onion, capers, tomatoes, or lemon zest all make great accompaniments for lox.  Schmear on some cream cheese sprinkle s little lemon zest or everything bagel seasoning and top with lox.

Ingredients: cream cheese, lox, seasonings, matzoh

The Matzoh Grilled Cheese

As a kid I never understood why my mom had to ruin a perfectly good grilled cheese by putting twigs on it.  Now I truly appreciate a sprinkle of dried oregano on my open-faced grilled cheese.

Ingredients: grated cheddar (as aged as you can get), dried Italian or Greek oregano, matzoh

The Bahn Mi

Okay so a Bahn Mi is all about the bread to some but to me its all about the pickles and the pâté.  So for Passover you’re not going to get a soft white baguette but you will get all the flavour.

Ingredients: chopped liver, roasted chicken or turkey, quick pickled cucumbers, grated carrots (these are fermented carrots), matzoh



Product list: Mini Matzohs from Manischewitz, Cutting Board from Epicurean, white divided plates from Muji, checkered melamine tray from Target, Everything but the Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe’s, pottery plate made by my dad, chocolate spread from Le Pain Quotidien

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