Brunch in Cambridge Worth the Trip from Boston: Alden & Harlow

Brunch in Cambridge Worth the Trip from Boston: Alden & Harlow


So yes, they say the trip from Boston to Cambridge and vice versa will be messed up for the next 10 weeks (oh joy!) but there are buses, and it is a beautiful time of year for a stroll or bike ride along the Charles River.  Also, who are we kidding, your Uber app is updated and ready for anything.  Brunch used to be a meal you had at home with family or friends.  There were some places that had super fancy formal brunches and then of course the beloved diner brunch has been around forever.  These days, brunch out at a restaurant seems to be the meal that everyone looks forward to.  Todays brunch menus only have traces of the familiar and that’s because the creativity and fun with ingredients that chefs are having is a joy that is palpable.

Hickory smoked pigs’ tail, softed poached eggs, cheese crisps and grits. Brunch at Alden & Harlow, Cambridge

I haven’t been to Alden & Harlow for a while just because life is busy but, as I think about the weekend ahead, I’m dreaming about some of my favourite brunch dishes at this Harvard Square restaurant.  Take a minute to peruse the menu, but I’ll let you know that the I am a huge fan of their corn pancakes.  On the menu right now: pickled corn pancakes with whipped sweet ricotta, granola, blueberry & rhubarb

Root vegetable latkes with sour cream and apple butter.

The sausage and potato skillet with cheddar is so tasty and hearty.  If everyone wants sweet you can always get an order of that to share so you can have a little sweet and a little savory. My mouth is watering at the memory of that dish!

Sausage and potato skillet with Cabot Clothbound cheddar sauce and garlic crumbs. Brunch at Alden & Harlow, Cambridge

Oh and get a cocktail too.  I have my eyes on this one on the menu now:  Borderline -tequila, grapefruit, cardamom, habanero, lime & ginger beer.

Cocktail for brunch. Restaurant: Alden & Harlow, Cambridge, MA

Now grab some friends or family, give them a call, make a plan and get out to capture some of the fun our local chefs are having in the kitchen for brunch.  Trade has joined the brunch game as of last weekend as well.


On my tried and true brunch list are:
(This does not include my favourite diners.  I am happy to share those too just ask on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook or comment below.) Alphabetically-

Alden & Harlow, Cambridge

Beat Brasserie (Jazz Brunch), Harvard Square, Cambridge

Club Passim (Live Music), Harvard Square, Cambridge

Il Casale, Belmont

Kirkland Tap and Trotter, Cambridge

Puritan & Co., Cambridge

Villatoro Restaurant and Café, Marlborough

On my must try list that I hope to tackle this year:

The Taj Boston Rooftop Brunch, Boston

Townsman, Boston

Trade, Boston

(I’m sure there are others that do not start with ‘t’ but I can’t think of them until my coffee kicks in. )  The following are in the order that I think of them…

Juliet, Somerville

Bar Mezzana, Boston

Committee, Boston

What am I missing folks?  Where do you like to go for brunch?

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