Sudbury Life: Shiny New Whole  Foods

Sudbury Life: Shiny New Whole  Foods

The thing about me is that I, like most people no doubt, am a constant push and pull, yin and yang, this but that.  I love tradition and am not fond of change but on the other hand I am obsessed with innovation and change. Being invited to visit and preview the new Sudbury Whole Foods reminded me that I love seeing new developments and discovering new things. Change is not always good but it isn’t a bad thing either.

I love shiny new things for four reasons:

  1. sparkling clean
  2. different, creative, and innovative
  3. exploration and adventure
  4. anticipation and need

Sparkling & New
Sparkling clean is simple but it never gets old.  Pristine windows, floors and walls are nothing to overlook. Walking into a new space is a breath of fresh air that will never be quite as pristine as that first time.
Shiny new things, especially when it comes to food and restaurant spaces often includes something a little different, creative and innovative in each space.  While chefs are constantly scouring Brimfield for vintage decor finds, whether it is behind the scenes or up front at the store, innovation is being embraced and Whole Foods is no exception.

Creative & Innovative Design

Many restaurants have unique plates and dishes, or cute tableware.  Stores will try creative ways of prepping, displaying or serving food.  The truth of the matter is that at least some of those things don’t last long.  The dishes are too hard to care for, guests walk off with the vintage decor, or the staff can’t keep up with the ideas that look good on paper but are not so efficient in person.  If you’re lucky though, you are there for the beginning to experience those little touches even if they don’t all last.

Explore & Adventure

I like to explore. Going out to try something new is always an adventure.  I discover new neighborhoods, stores, walking trails, swimming holes, and more just by driving from point a to point b.

Anticipation & Need

With social media, the anticipation of a new restaurant or store builds even more because little teasers come out as the space is being built.

As for need, filling a need in a new or old neighbourhood is always satisfying.  I found that the Whole Foods that used to be down the road from the new Sudbury Whole Foods was small and really hard to navigate.  The new Sudbury Whole Foods will no doubt be a welcome addition to the area.  Just like the much anticipated Belmont Bookstore in Belmont or the new outdoor spaces like Lawn on D in South Boston.

Here are just a few of my favorite new things.  Every Whole Foods has a spot to grind your own peanut butter.  I have never seen such a variety of options though.  This one even has the ability to grind candy coated chocolate and peanuts.  The perfect after school treat to spread on bread, rice crackers or apples.

I love the all the “typography” throughout the store.  Not only is every section of the store labeled to make it easy to navigate but the different signs are fun to read.  They are a work of art. Each area of the store is clearly labeled and there are also signs letting you know a few more details about the food as well.

Local is important.  I like to shop at my local stores for that reason.  I love that even when I pop into Whole Foods I can still shop local as well.  This time of year there is everything from local fruits and vegetables to local jam which can be available year round as well.  In addition, Whole Foods Sudbury has Pressed and Clover to local fast casual food spots.  

Pressed from Boston’s South End is now also open in the suburbs.  This fresh café of sorts offers juices, shakes, superfood bowls, toasts, paletas (fruit popsicles) and salads.  The paletas come in flavours like strawberry basil and pineapple five spice. 

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