Like a Fine Wine:  Lucia Ristorante Celebrates 40

Like a Fine Wine: Lucia Ristorante Celebrates 40

As I mentioned before, I like shiny new things but I also love anything with a little bit of history.  The restaurant scene in Boston has been changing and growing since I moved to the area in 1996.  Favourite restaurants have come and gone.  New favourites have taken the place of some old ones and others I just miss (Frasier’s on Mass Ave in Cambridge for example).  There are old ones that I’d like to revisit.  I used to go to the Parish Café frequently when I worked near Boston Common and I haven’t been in years.  Then, there are restaurants that have been around forever that I have yet to try.  There is a ‘special sauce’ that keeps restaurants going for decade after decade and it is not just the ingredients in the kitchen.

Yesterday, Lucia Ristorante celebrated their 40th year with a private anniversary party with their friends, family, Mayor Martin Walsch, Mike Lynch of WCVB-TV, several Boston Bruins alumni, and regular guests who are basically family now too.  On the menu were some of the original dishes.

A post shared by Philip Frattaroli (@pfratt) on Keeping the party going, from Wednesday October 11th (today) through Wednesday October 18th, Lucia Ristorante will be offering an annivesary menu of some of the orginal dishes at their original prices.  Now I’m craving a taste of the Lasagna alla Mama Lucia ($5.95) and Cotoletta alla Parmigiana ($7.95). Proceeds from each item ordered will be donated to the Massachusetts Red Cross hurricane relief fund.

I love reading old cookbooks and menus because it captures so much about life then and now.  The old advertisments in cooking magazines with all the stereotypes and misconceptions about what is healthy and good.  The dated ingredients and dishes as well as the most loved dishes that pretty much haven’t changed over the years.

Here is a peek at Lucia Ristorante’s old menu. $4.50 minimum per person.  That might get you a house made pickle at the deli these days!

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 8.01.48 AM

Throwback menu is available at both the North End and Winchester location.

Lucia Ristorante
415 Hanover Street
North End, Boston, MA

9-13 Mt. Vernon St.
Winchester, MA 01890

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