New Seaport Restaurant: 75 on Courthouse Square

New Seaport Restaurant: 75 on Courthouse Square

It has not been that long since I was down Boston’s Seaport (or Fort Point) neighbourhood. It has been long enough though that I was shocked to see many new shops and restaurants.

Each time I’m in the Seaport, I get excited about what the neighbourhood has to offer. Yesterday, I was invited to preview the latest 75 restaurant – 75 on Courthouse Square.

Today, 75 on Courthouse Square has their grand opening. The decor is unassuming and maybe a little traditional. The food and drinks, however, are not unassuming. This is no hipster bar, but the drinks are well balanced and the drink menu offers a little of everything with a Boston and Seaport twist.

75 on Courthouse Square is a place you can go after work for a drink with friends, enjoy a regular Tuesday night dinner, or bring family for dinner when they’re in town visiting.

The menu is uncomplicated and familiar and the food we sampled was all delicious. There is comfort in having a menu that doesn’t require any explanation, translation, or an intense discussion with the waitstaff and kitchen to figure out what to expect when the plate arrives.

The menu has a 75 Seaport tower for those who like their shrimp cocktail and calamari. Those who are not into seafood can go for the 75 Courthouse Tower, which has lamb chops, garlic bread and their much loved pumpkin ravioli. The chops I tasted were perfectly cooked and so tasty with herbs and the crunch of a crumb coating.

Boston is the new Boston. The city is thriving in many ways and it tastes good!

I really didn’t have a single disappointing bite. Over lunch, my fellow writers and I chatted about the neighbourhood. One thing we noticed out here in the Seaport is that there’s just that little bit of extra elbow room.

I love an intimate little South End restaurant, but sometimes I want a little space between my seat and the person’s chair behind me. For family dining especially, having a little room for your toddler to come snuggle next to you as the meal winds down is important. As is being able to walk over and cut up their steak tips without feeling that you are practically sitting on the table next to you as you do it.

The crab cakes fall apart as you pick them up and that’s a good sign. It means they’re not loaded with bread crumbs as filler and that crab is the main ingredient.

Parking is conveniently located in the Seaport garage right below the restaurant. On a nice day, you can stroll over by the water too.

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