You Can’t Redefine She Without Redefining He: He and She & They

I am a mom to both a son and a daughter. I am sister to a brother. I am wife to a husband. This world of he and she I live in is trying to progress but more often than not cannot. We get frustrated and angry. I feel hopeful then hopeless and the cycle starts all over again.

My two.

Nothing will move forward because we’re so focused on redefining she. We are constantly re-interpreting mother and mom, daughter and girl, while completely ignoring the other side. We cannot redefine she without redefining he or begin to explore they.

I know I play like a girl. Try to catch up.

Think of what defines and defined women. The characteristics that were (and still often are) equated with being female. The careers that were seen as a woman’s work. All these things are still given a negative connotation. Until that changes our ability to give value to people regardless of gender and roles in the world we’ll be stuck in the same old patterns.

Seen at Olives & Grace in Boston’s South End.

I love what is traditionally seen as women’s work and that doesn’t make me weak, unambitious or less educated. On the other hand, that stigma is still there.

Henry and the lion come face to face.

Now look at men. Think of what defines men. The characteristics that are equated with being male. The careers that are seen as a male work and the expectations of being a provider. All these things are still widely expected.

Until we redefine he we will never truly be able to redefine she.

Take it To the Next Level

The same is true for black and white.

We need to break down stereotypes on both sides. We need to create new definitions for success and new expectations from our peers and out communities.

We all have assumptions we need to shake off and we can all open our eyes a little wider, our minds a little broader, and our hearts a lot deeper.  What do you do to shake things up? How to you gain new perspectives? How are you teaching your children and family members to see people for who they are more than what they are?

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