Star Wars Lego Miniland Invasion hits Boston

Star Wars Lego Miniland Invasion hits Boston

At first I didn’t notice anything.  I was looking at the Children’s Museum and admiring the Hood Milk Bottle.  The USS Constitution’s cannons were going off as usual, the Zakim bridge looked as elegant as ever.  Then something caught my eye.  One of these things were not part of the usual Boston skyline.  It started with one thing amiss and then I couldn’t stop seeing them everywhere.  Star Wars had definitely invaded the city.  The reason for this invasion is the new Star Wars Lego miniland that opened this past week at the Legoland Discovery Center Boston.

Star Wars Miniland at Legoland
Star Wars Miniland at Legoland Discovery Center Boston. This new exhibit is open just in time for winter break.

This Land Isn’t Your Land

Legoland Discovery Center Boston at Assembly Row in Somerville, recently opened their latest exhibit LEGO® Star Wars MINILAND.  The exhibit is small but full of little details from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.  There are replicas of a giant coliseum filled for the gladiator-style battle between Jedi and Geonosians on Geonosis.  Jango Fett battling Anakin Skywalker is in another part of the exhibit featuring Slave Ship 1.

Sometimes the traffic on the Zakim bridge can be a bit unusual. Legoland Discovery Center Boston’s new Lego Star Wars Miniland exhibit takes over more than just one room.

Boston Meet the World of Star Wars

Because I am not as familiar with the newer movies as the rest of my family, even more than the exhibit itself, I loved the invasion of the Boston city scape models.

Legoland Discovery has a nice mix of activities, from a video game style ride and amusement park type ride to lego masterclasses and the lego racetrack.  Kids get to build, play, climb, and explore and then do it all over again until you remind them that there is another world outside and it is time to go eat, sleep or head home for the day.

Lego Star Wars Miniland at Legoland Discovery Center in Boston
The more you look at the exhibit the more details you notice. There are many sections at the Legoland Discovery Center in Boston that cater to all ages and not just the Star Wars fans in the family.

Assembly Row is a great place to spend a day with the family.  This hot not so little spot along the Mystic River in Somerville has everything from the Legoland Discovery Center to the AMC movie theatre, outlet shops, restaurants, a playground and a full calendar of events year round.

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