Lindt Store:  Easter Bunny Heaven

Lindt Store: Easter Bunny Heaven

Lindt Love

We tend to pop into the Lindt store in passing at the mall. The kids appreciate a truffle sample and I’m usually rushing everyone along to get to the car and off to our next errand. This week, I had no shopping bags in hand and no kids complaining about the list of errands we had to do. The smells, flavours, colours and variety for the first time had my full attention.  This time it all swept me away to a very happy space as I stepped into the Boston Lindt Store where I was a guest for the evening.

It is true that Boston has some fabulous independent chocolatiers, but for Easter both the price-point and the complex flavours can miss the mark. That’s when we head to Lindt. At Lindt, there is neither waxiness nor the nondescript sweetness of other large brandname chocolates.  The Swiss take great pride in their chocolates and for good reason.

What I have always loved about Lindt is the nostalgia factor. I grew up with the tiny European minis for special occasions or in my grandmothers crystal bowls of sweets in the parlor/sitting room. The European minis were squares of chocolate bars in miniature form each with their own characteristics and wrappers that matched the large chocolate bars. My dad would sometimes bring them back from trips to Europe after visiting family or traveling for work.

Lindt Memories

I also remember my grandmother once sharing her favourite chocolate with me. She grew up in Austria and lived in England. We would visit on occasion, but not often because it was a long trip from Canada. Every day or our visit was a special occasion since visits were so rare. One year, grandma brought out a chocolate treat wrapped in a deep red coloured paper with a picture of Mozart in the middle. It was with much reverence that I carefully unwrapped this precious gift. I bit into the bonbon and tasted so many layers of flavour and texture. The Mozartkugeln had a soft hazelnut cream center, a pistachio marzipan filling and is coated in chocolate.  My grandmother still lives in England and sometimes I’ll buy myself a Mozartkugeln and imagine her enjoying one with me as I unwrap the chocolate from the shiny crinkly wrapper.

This time, when I visited the Boston store I really delved into the world of Lindor truffles. My kids always go straight for the truffles but I think I never gave them a look because nostalgia always distracted me. In the Boston store, I had a chance to try a few different flavours, which was a bit like opening Pandora’s Box. I want to try them all and find my favourites. So far, I love the coffee flavour in the cappuccino Lindor truffle. I love the crunch of the hazelnut Lindor truffle. The hazelnut truffle has the classic smooth truffle filling and the milk chocolate shell has tasty, crunchy shards of hazelnut. I love that extra level of texture.  Then there is the almond truffle that has a marzipan like taste, but the inside is still a creamy chocolate.  As friends come over and I offer them a truffle, I learn what everyone is hoping to find in my Lindor mix.  Do you have a caramel?  Do you have something with dark chocolate?  Do you have a mint one? How about a raspberry?

Lindt For Easter & Passover

So there isn’t an Easter bunny for Passover and there is no afikomen for Easter, but what they do have in common is eggs, spring, a theme of renewal and life.  Eggs are an important part of both holidays and no one says they can’t also be in chocolate form.  Lindt has colourful mini eggs that are part of the European collection (they caught my eye and I remembered the foil designs from when I was little).  Lindt even has Kosher chocolates and truffles as well.  Ever since my visit to the Boston Chocolate shop, I have felt like the Easter bunny handing out a few chocolates, chocolate truffle eggs, and chocolate bunnies to anyone who has popped in for a visit at the house lately.  For those who have outgrown the Easter egg hunt, I suggest a trip to the Boston Lindt Store in the Lenox hotel where they can make their own Lindor mix and then a Boston outing together at the museum or an afternoon at the ballet.

If you want to make an evening or night of it, then Dinner at City Table in the Lenox hotel was delicious and they have my favourite Beekman 1802 products in the bathroom there too perhaps a family overnight in the city is in order!


  1. Michelle

    This was so nice Leah! I work and Lindt in the Stratham NH US corporate office and am so glad you enjoy the product and the store so much – we love our Boston store too! Contact me if you would like to sample some fall/Halloween products as the season kicks off!

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