Dan’l Webster Inn: Mom and Dad Time in Sandwich

Dan’l Webster Inn: Mom and Dad Time in Sandwich

Last month, Dan and I were treated to a chef demo, dinner and an overnight in Sandwich, MA. Sandwich is just a short drive from Boston and this one night getaway was just the time Dan and I needed to reconnect and enjoy time just the two of us.

Snuggling by the fire at the Dan'l Webster Inn in Sandwich, MA
Snuggling by the fire at the Dan’l Webster Inn in Sandwich, MA

Unplugged in the Dark

Some parents easily get out together. They schedule regular dates, have a regular sitter or family to babysit. Other families have children are easy to leave with someone for a night. They have friends that will gladly host a sleepover. For other parents, getting away is difficult for whatever reasons. When the time is right and you can make it work, you don’t have to go far or for long, but one day away for parents to just spend together is worth every bit of time money and effort. Let’s just say we drove to the Cape with a snow storm coming in and the possibility of flooding and losing power and it both happened, but it was worth every moment.

Classic Cape Cod Vibes

The Dan’l Webster Inn has that classic Cape Cod beach house vibe. Our room had a gorgeous bed with a gas fireplace by the lounge area. In the room was also a hot tub which was a total treat! We didn’t get a chance to use it since we did lose power, but I am planning a next time and the hot tub is calling my name!

Hot tub in the room at Dan'l Webster Inn, Sandwich, MA
Check out this in room hot tub. It’s different and fun and cozy and you can see the fire from the tub.

Dan’l Webster Inn Spaces

The Dan’l Webster Inn has many unique spaces. The tavern is another classic New England space. The tavern is where locals and visitors alike gather along the bar to catch up on latest community news, share some laughs and catch up with one another.

Another fab space was the atrium room. I could imagine having an early morning breakfast there or dinner under the stars. It’s also the perfect room for a special event. I could picture a family brunch there, graduation party, reunion or family dinner.

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During our stay, we participated in one of the Dan’l Webster Inn’s very popular chef demonstration dinners. It was delicious and informative. I cook a lot and have been to many restaurants, watch cooking shows, and have been to some of the best food and wine festivals and yet I still learned many great tips at the humble (and delicious) Dan’l Webster Inn.

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