It’s Hip to Be Board:  Play Board Games in Boston

It’s Hip to Be Board: Play Board Games in Boston


board game characters You got extra points if you remembered to call each other by your board piece name. That got ugly fast!



Family Game Night

Henry recently suggested that we host a family game night.  We haven’t yet but I love that idea.  We always have fun when we set up a board game and play, but convincing everyone to stop what they’re doing and play is the hard part.  We’re on our screens, in our rooms reading, doing chores and the business of every day life makes us think we don’t have time for a good old fashioned board game.  Over February vacation, at The Porches Inn we played an old school board game called Head of the Class and had so much fun we tracked the game down on Ebay for a version of our own to play.  We have played it a few times, but at home unless we make it an event (and I promise Henry we will plan a board game day), it is still not easy to stop what we’re doing and all play a game together.

Board Games & Biscuits

I have recently noticed a shelf with board games on it at local cafés and breweries.  It’s a great idea.  In Montreal, I used to go to Café Santropol and they always had games to play.  I thought that whether you have extra time over spring break, or if you just want to get away from the chores etc. at home, then heading out with the family to somewhere that has board games might be just the break you all need.

My Facebook friends and Friends of Boston’s Hidden Restaurants helped me round up places that have board games to play.

playing checkers A little game of checkers while mom and dad finish up their coffee.

Checkers & Coffee Cups

There are the cafés and coffee shops.  These are perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up.  A coffee for you and a tea or hot chocolate for the kids is the perfect excuse to share a baked treat and stop into one of these coffee shops.  Pass the afternoon sipping your drinks (iced or hot depending on the New England spring weather) and playing a round or two of a long forgotten game.

Board Game Box Board Game Box

Dinner at home is off the table, and you want to spend time connecting a little more at the dinner table, then head to one of these bars or restaurants that have games for you to play. Go to dinner early, play a few rounds of a board game, enjoy a leisurely dinner together and win or lose, no one has to do the dishes.

Die on the game board. I didn’t know that Milton Bradley was based in Springfield, MA . Did you?
Beer & Game Chips

Breweries are not just for the college student crowd.  There was a time when John Harvard’s was the only brew pub in town, but now the options are plentiful.  There is good beer, a fun vibe, and many of the breweries are family friendly as well.  While all the breweries have great beer options, they don’t all have food on site.  Many breweries and cider houses allow you to bring in food from a neighbouring restaurant, have food trucks on location, or offer pop up food options.  The vibe is often playful and that includes some board games for the family.  Please note that not all breweries allow children after certain hours.  Please check their websites, or call ahead to see when their family-friendly hours are.

The list is fabulous and comprehensive, but I’m sure we missed a few, so if you think of more, please leave the names and location of the places in the comments.


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