Life Lately: Emergen-C, Religion, Art Out There

Life Lately: Emergen-C, Religion, Art Out There

How i’m feeling with this summer cold. Architectural details at Harvard.

This time of year I try to keep ahead of things, but inevitably I find myself dragging and a late summer cold finds its way into my brain, my nose, and my muscles.  I’m still fighting it and hoping to kick it to the curb.  My go to treatment for a cold is to start the Emergen-C as soon as possible.  Growing up my dad always took his Vitamin C and I didn’t think anything of it.  Last night though, I was like a woman posessed when I couldn’t find that little vitamin packet to add to water.  Henry and I both swear by it, but Dan and Isabelle won’t drink it.  To each their own.  What is your “go to” remedy?

We talk about religion on and off as a family.  We’re Jewish but not religious.  We celebrate traditions and not faith.  There is a lot of freedom in this way of being Jewish.  Yesterday we may have had tacos and Vietnamese soft rolls at dinner, but we still all talked about Rosh Hashanah and managed to have apples and maple syrup for dessert.  There is a comfort and routine in traditional religion, but our own version works well for us.  How do you approach your faith?

Take a stroll into Harvard Square if you can or the Emerald Necklace.  Head out to deCordova on the weekend (on a sunny day).  There are many art installations that are worth a visit.  In Harvard Square/ Harvard Yard there is Autumn (…nothing personal).  It is a great space to sit quietly alone or with a friend.  It is also a space that families and children would enjoy.  On the Emerald Necklace, is the Fog x Flow exhibit by Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya that I can’t wait to see in person.  Also on my to do list is from another Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s Where the Lights in My Heart Go at deCordova. What is on your “like to do”  list this month?

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