That Sports Event When You Eat Stuff: Patriots vs. Rams

That Sports Event When You Eat Stuff: Patriots vs. Rams

The one time of year when my husband likes to lead the menu planning is in February when the big football game is on. So what’s on our menu? I have a lot of ideas that we will narrow down but here are some recipes I have lined up.

We all loved these apple “donuts” made with just apple and chocolate from Edible Arrangements. (Partner brand)

I have a full board of ideas over on Pinterest.

The one thing we always have is chips and pico de gallo. I also like to have Buffalo something (cauliflower this year) because Isabelle requested Teriyaki wings. We also have a great Buffalo cauliflower recipe from a class Isabelle took at Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. Dan requested venison sloppy Joes but I thought maybe bison instead.

Menu for Game Day 2019

  • Patriots vs. Rams
    • Drinks: beer, lemonade
      I have some pretzels I made and froze this week. I might make a cheese dip or pizza dip for them.
      A veggie platter because you need something to crunch that is fresh and light.
      I always forget about dessert. Henry has been wanting to make frozen yoghurt and I was inspired by the delicious looking soft serve @ MilkBar in Harvard Square this week so I think we’ll do a yoghurt soft serve bar for dessert. I’ll also pick up some of those Edible Arrangement apple “donuts” because we all loved them.

    What’s on your menu?

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