Retreat Farm & Grafton Village Cheese Company Vermont

Retreat Farm & Grafton Village Cheese Company Vermont

Cupcake, Pumpkin Pie and Trouble in their favourite spots.

Every February we head to the Porches Inn and MassMoca for a little getaway. On the way home, we go through Vermont, choose an outing, and stop for lunch.

Last year, we stopped for some Maple Syrup because sugaring started early that year so we lucked out. We visited the Robb Family Farm and fell in love with this family owned wood burning sugar shack. This year, we went for a different kind of farm and found Retreat Farm where we visited with the animals and joined in for some of their winter festival fun.

There were goats on a wall. How cool are goats on a wall?!? Guests were welcome to head into the pen and hang out with the goats There were donkeys and sheep as well. You could even feed a few of the animals or snuggle with them too.

This bunny was so soft and warm I had a nice long snuggle with this fuzz ball. There were chicks and pigs. Dan took a brush and gave the pigs a much appreciated scrub down.

Outdoor activities for the day included an all ages snowshoe hike and hanging out by the fire pit. So, we washed our hands and headed out to the crackling fire for a snack and to warm up.

At the fire pit, you could cook a hot dog, roast a homemade marshmallow or make bread on a stick. Bread on a stick was new to us and we loved it so much we have since made it twice at home.

Our next stop was right next door to the Grafton Village Cheese Company. We stepped out of the cold and into a cheese heaven. There were so many varieties of cheese we were not sure where to start. We sampled cheese, dips, local jams, and found a couple cheeses to bring home. Grafton Village Cheese Company will definitely be on our list to visit again because we only sampled a fraction of the offerings. Plus we can visit our farm friends again too.

Isabelle and I also spent a long while just mesmerized by the cheese making process. There are benches and a large window upstairs where you can watch the cheese being made.

If cheese isn’t your thing then don’t worry because there are local goodies from beer and cider to pancake mixes and maple treats.

Retreat Farm and Grafton Village Cheese Company are located in Brattleboro VT.

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