Donuts of New England: The Donuts I Love Right Now

Donuts of New England: The Donuts I Love Right Now

I was never a doughnut person, until I ventured out and discovered doughnuts of all shapes, sizes, and varieties around New England. For National Donut Day, I thought I should probably share some of my doughnut insights. Here is where you can find delicious doughnuts in New England.

Soft served filled donut at The Big E in Springfield.

For those hot summery days, you can cool off with a soft serve filled donut. Blackbird Doughnuts offers their donuts filled with soft serve. If you head to the Big E this fall, treat yourself to one there too.

Not only is having ice cream in a doughnut cool- literally, but Blackbird Doughnuts have some figuratively cool and amazingly good fried rings of dough. Blackbird has quirky flavours like Everything donut and cream cheese (don’t knock it until you try it), and lemon pepper (that was one of my old favourites.)

I am looking forward to trying the peach jam doughnut tomorrow for National Doughnut Day. The flavours I’m obsessed with right now though are the peach ring and the cinnamon bun doughnut. The peach ring has the perfect peach candy glaze and the cinnamon bun is a Boston cream style donut with a cinnamon bun glaze and a cream cheese cream filling. It is unreal.

If you want inexpensive and classic old school donuts you have a couple choices in Boston. My #1 choice for a good old honey dip donut or a chocolate frosted is Linda’s Donuts in Belmont. It doesn’t have the cool neon sign and the old school greasy spoon vibe that Twin Donuts has, but trust me, you will want to cross the river to try one.

You have heard it a million times: America Runs on Dunkin’. Despite the fact that they have dropped donuts from their name, New Englanders flock to Dunkin’ in New England for coffee and the occasional donut. The thing is, not all Dunkins are created equal when it comes to doughnuts. There are only a couple dozen in the entire country, but a few Dunkin’ Donuts locations still make their own donuts on site. Msg me on Instagram and I’ll let you know which one I go to. I have to admit I really don’t like Dunkin’ Donuts from any other location. I won’t even take one bite.

Davis Square Hand Crafted Bagels and Donuts is a relative newcomer and a welcome one at that. These super-sized donuts have that old school classic quality that I love but the flavours are not afraid to walk on the wild side you will find butternut crunch next to Somerville Cream (Fluff whipped with strawberry cream cheese and topped with graham crackers). I love their Fruity Pebbles doughnut.

Known mostly for their cakes and fresh strawberry frosted cupcakes, Lyndell’s actually makes delicious doughnuts as well. These are the classics, honey dip, powdered sugar, chocolate frosted, doughnuts. The filled ones do have that more gelatinous artificial filling, but the doughnuts with holes are excellent.

If you want to venture further out, here are a few of my favourite doughnut shops outside of Massachusetts. In Portland, Maine everyone loves The Holy Donut for their famous potato doughnut, but because I’m not a cake doughnut person, I find them a bit heavy. If you have never tried a potato donut or you like cake doughnuts then definitely check them out.

A plate of The Holy Donut potato doughnuts at check in at The Francis Hotel.

Where I go in Portland, is the fabulous Hi Fi Donuts. Hi Fi gets creative with their flavours too but also knows how to make a great classic honey dip and such.

This year, I also discovered that I am a fan of the French cruller. Hi Fi has some delicious ones as does Lil’s Café in Kittery, Maine.

Still in Massachusetts but not so close to the city, is Rocco’s Doughnut Company. This place is worth a drive. Maybe you have a toddler that you need to give an extra long car nap to, maybe its hazy hot and humid and you just need an extra 40 minutes with AC blasting at you, find a reason, although the doughnuts are reason enough. Rocco’s also recently opened a second location in Westborough,MA too.

Go to Rocco’s for really well made doughnuts and very creative flavours as well as tons as options. They have extra special flavours for the various holidays all year long.

Very similar vibe as Rocco’s with their own creative flavours is PVDonuts in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence is a great city for a food-driven road trip and PVDonuts is a must on the agenda.

Gluten-free and vegan options. Kane’s Donuts is much loved by those with or without food allergies. Kane’s gluten-free doughnuts are excellent. PVDonuts also make a flourless doughnut. Blackbird Donuts makes a vegan donut as does Union Square Donuts.

Tell us what your favourite doughnut is and where you get it in the comments. I’m sure I have plenty of places to still discover.


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