Summer School the Whole Family Likes:  Xfinity’s Day of Awesome – Sponsored

Summer School the Whole Family Likes: Xfinity’s Day of Awesome – Sponsored

Last Saturday, Xfinity hosted a Day of Awesome inviting everyone to stop into the stores for a day of fun, giveaways, and learning. As a mom, I feel like I am pretty good at keeping up with what is going on at school and after school. As a blogger who writes about city life, I feel like I keep up to date on all that’s going on around town. As a curious person, I have topics that I deep dive into to learn more. As finder of the remote control, I am pretty good, but I’m not exactly a gear-head and I am always a few steps behind of the technology we own. We are Xfinity customers, but I also work with Xfinity on sponsored posts like these. As always, all opinions are my own.

My Top Four Tools

I have four tools we use most with Xfinity. With four of us online at any given time and all spread out around the house, the pods are a must. As chief monitor of screen time, the xFi app is essential. Also, playing the role of Mrs. fix-it requires that I have the My Account app. When we are on the road or at home and I want to cool off and get a few minutes of me time I can hide out in the air-conditioned bedroom and watch my show on the Stream app.

The pods are available at xFinity stores or online. They help boost the signal throughout the house. This is the first of such systems that have actually worked for our old Cambridge house with thick walls and whatever you call the opposite of open concept. I recommend a three-pack of pods that you can plug in throughout the house.

If you didn’t make it to XFINITY’s Day of Awesome, you can get some hands on learning directly through the My Account app. It will guide you through the remote and what it can do. Even though you may have the same remote you got a year ago, it can probably do more things than when you first got it. The voice remote gives you access to live tv, video on demand, DVR, web video, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, NPR, Sling International, and iHeartRadio. All you have to do is press the microphone icon on the remote and speak your wish. To make it even more simple,  you can just say “Xfinity tips” to find helpful videos on any service using your voice remote and tv.

In addition, I can be checking out at the grocery store and the kids will send me a text saying there is something wrong with the Internet. I just open the My Account app and restart the gateway and the kids are back online before I even leave the store.

Speaking of the kids being online, that is definitely a mixed blessing. On long road trips, it is nice that the kids can spend some of the time using the Stream app to watch the shows they have recorded. When I’m not home, I can’t always monitor screen time in person. I can, however set up my xFi app to alert me when the kids have reached their maximum screen time for the day.

For those of you who have 4K (yes it is a thing!) Xfinity just added a bunch of new content – including the Women’s World Cup coverage as well as 4K content from X1-integrated apps like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

Coming Soon & Next Steps

I am definitely interested, but we have not made the switch yet. If you have Xfinity Internet, then you’re eligible for great savings from Xfinity Mobile.

Xfinity Mobile is a great value when coupled with Xfinity Internet. They have the best LTE and 19 million WiFi hot spots that saves.

Interested customers can get an Xfinity Mobile phone in moments at their local Xfinity Store (or bring their own device and get started with Xfinity Mobile).

Coming soon is Amazon Music. Amazon Music on Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex will be the first time the ad-free and on demand streaming service will be available directly on the TV through a pay-TV provider. Rolling out over the next few weeks, Amazon Music will be delivered over the Internet and accessible on X1 right alongside all of the live, on demand, and web content already available on the platform.

With Amazon Music, Prime members have access to more than two million curated songs and thousands of playlists and stations at no additional cost to their membership, and access to more than 50 million songs and thousands of playlists and stations with Amazon Music Unlimited, the premium subscription tier.

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