Five Secrets Finds for Summer Vibes in the City

Five Secrets Finds for Summer Vibes in the City

We can’t all escape the city for summer days. The good news is that the Boston has a few summer secrets. You can sip a glass of cold white wine on the urban version of a widow’s walk. The best clam shack around may not have the sea air and salt marsh setting but you don’t have the long drive either.

Celebrity in Watertown is the place where everyone in the area goes for a nice tall soft serve on the first hot day and any chance they get all summer. I love their sundaes and always hope that someone else in the family wants one too because they are so much better shared. I get mine with vanilla soft serve, hot fudge and nuts.

While the ice cream is what 99% of locals are streaming in for, what I really look forward to each summer is a plate of their perfect, fresh, fried while belly clams with a squeeze of lemon and the occasional dip of tartar sauce. They do strips too if that’s your thing.

You don’t necessarily have to be on Nantucket sitting on the widow’s walk with a nice crisp glass of your white wine du jour to feel on top of the world. For that urban widow’s walk experience and a taste of an exceptional and eccentric white, that could be your new favourite summer wine except that you can’t find it anywhere in Massachusetts, is a particular Japanese koshu.

The place is Kumo Sky Bar on top of Kamakura. The wine is Chateau Mercian Yamanashi Koshu ’15. Kumo Sky Bar looks out onto the Custom House. It is open for perfect summer evenings, but if the weather changes, the glass roof closes as needed. The glass roof closes so seamlessly and still feels so open that at a recent party, we didn’t even realise it has closed one evening when passing showers made an appearance.

Dairy barns dot New England from farm country to coastal towns. Some are open seasonally while others brave the winter months because New Englanders are not opposed to four seasons of soft serve. If you want a classic twist or cone I’m sure you have your favourite place to go.

On the other hand, if you are ready for next level soft serve, just hop on the T and head to Fenway. Portland, Maine’s Eventide has an inpost (right in the city) a baseball’s throw from Fenway Park. Whether you love seafood or not, stop at Eventide Fenway for their brown butter soft serve which is topped with the most perfect maple coated pecans and a just right bourbon caramel.

These are mini versions of Eventide Fenway’s brown butter soft serve as served on Off The Beaten Path’s Fenway Food Tour.

Summer nights from Truro or Wellfleet on Cape Cod to Codman Pool in Lincoln offer live music, dancing and the opportunity to feel fancy free whether you are on vacation or shuttling to and from the suburbs for a regular work week. If you want to feel fancy free-er you can take advantage of being in the city and having access to some of the most delectable picnics to go. Start at the top with a picnic from Stir. The next picnic basket is available for pick up on July 27th and the theme is stone fruit, corn and tomatoes. The basket is $95 for two.

A picnic to go from Post 390

Beacon Hill Bistro is a stone’s throw from Boston Common, Boston Gardens and the Charles River. In their baskets you have many choices. There is the option of a light lunch for two ($95) or a full lunch for two ($125). The light lunch includes two drinks, one “flower pot” dip/spread, one salad, one sandwich and one dessert. The full lunch includes two drinks, two spreads, one salad, two sandwiches, and two desserts. On. the menu is everything from smoked salmon rillettes to muhumara or pimento cheese. Everything on the picnic menu sounds so tasty that choosing what you want may take some serious decision making skills.

Hip hip frosé! Summer feels like a true vacation once you have something frozen to sip. There are drinks adorned with paletas, the classic frozen drinks like a daiquiri or a piña-colada, and then there is the much loved frosé.

Boston’s first frosé is from one of my favourite restaurants and locations to enjoy frosé is on Committee’s patio. After dinner or just drinks and a few small bites on the patio, head down a block or so to sit by the water and gaze back on our beautiful city. Committee also has a slush du jour, which is the mixologists daily frozen inspiration.

You can mix the old and the new at Citrus & Salt with the Adios Pantalones. It is frosé mixed with a frozen Watermelon Margarita and garnished with a slice of watermelon.

Now if you only have an hour after work, or no time to skip town but want to meet some friends in the city this weekend, get out there and catch some #summervibes as if you were on vacation at the Cape all week.

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