Music Education: Yamaha Music School of Boston

Music Education: Yamaha Music School of Boston

Music education, just like sports, is less about becoming a professional musician and more about the process and skills that we learn along the way. If the path leads to becoming a professional that’s wonderful but not the outcome for everyone. My children studied for several years at Yamaha Music School
of Boston
and attended summer programs before they reached out to collaborate with me. As always, all opinions are my own. This post is sponsored by The Yamaha School of Boston.

There is playing music for the joy of the sounds we learn to make and hear. Another part of music education is music theory and the language of music. Children pick this up so quickly at Yamaha it is like being immersed in a second language. Then, there is the discipline required to progress. The habit of setting aside time each day to work on a skill is something that every person can benefit from at any age.

I have taken music lessons my whole life and appreciate not only the skill of playing the violin, but also the ability to understand music in a dance class, hear chords in a piece of music, identify a key or change in music. I wanted the same education for my children as well.

The kids have music at school and are lucky enough to have wonderfully skilled music teachers. I still wanted more for them. Music lessons at the Yamaha Music School of Boston were exactly what I was looking for to enrich their education. The Yamaha Music School makes learning music fun, but they also have high expectations and give a lot more music theory than any other program I had seen.

Music teaches skills that transfer to math, literature, writing, and of course music in school. If you want to learn more about The Yamaha Music School of Boston visit them for their open house week September 3rd – 9th. Register for the open house here. If you cannot make the open house, just call the school for more details (781) 274-7100.

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