Passagers/Passengers: Don’t Let it Pass You By

I wanted to see what 7 Fingers/ 7 Doigts was all about when I first heard of them. After seeing them tonight on the one hand I wish I had seen them the last 1/2 dozen times they have been in Boston, but on the other hand I’m glad this was my 1st 7 Doigts experience because I loved everything about the theme and performance as a whole. It was eccentric and yet wholly relatable.

This acrobatic, theatrical, dance/musical/play of a contemporary circus performance was like nothing I have seen before.

It was like the hottest day in NYC where the air is so thick, heavy and stinky you can barely breathe but then you get onto the subway and the air conditioner is on full blast, the car you chose is practically empty and it smells fresh as daisies.

It was like that first train ride through a new countryside where your eyes are glued to the window and you’re trying to figure out how not to blink as the scenery flits by because you might miss something.

It was full of emotion like that tearful goodbye at the train station when you leave a loved one behind on the platform and you watch them shrink as the train pulls away.

It was thoughtful like that train with the broken brakes thought experiment that you had to think through in philosophy class.

If you like dance, music, or acrobatics you will regret not seeing this performance. If you like trains or people watching don’t let this pass you by. If you ever wonder about human connections then you will have to see this performance.

7Fingers/7doigts will be at the Emerson Cutler Majestic through Sunday October 13th.

Tickets start at $25. Rush tickets are available at Today Tix and discounted tickets can be found on Goldstar.

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